Stacked Maslow's for higher throughput

I’m starting a new thread since we are sort of hijacking the “How can I order a kit” thread which is useful.

It’s a little tricky to describe, but I’m imagining something a little like this:

Basically each of these could be a Maslow in the horizontal configuration, but they could be a lot closer together in the vertical direction. If we’re using something like a shipping container or a van then the sides of the container or the van should work to anchor the belts.

In the back of a van you could stack 5 or 6 vertically to cut 5 or 6 sheets at the same time.

It’s very much more of a thought experiment than a well thought out idea, but what you said reminded me of it. I’m not totally sure it’s a practical idea.

Looking end-on, this is what I was imaging.

Two rows of those should fit side-by-side down the middle of an intermodal container, four deep in the container.

Ah interesting, I was picturing them being flat…sort of sandwich style. I can’t see a huge advantage of one over the other, both options seem like they would work to me

the big problem I see is workpiece management

how do you load/unload them? how do you fasten the workpiece down? if you don’t
leave tabs, how do you remove all the parts.


David Lang

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Right, I think that is a great point. We would have to solve that somehow. This is just a random idea, not a clear plan. I’m not even sure that if we could solve all the technical issues that it would be that useful.

Having a van that drives around and makes things is cool as an idea, but why not just make the things in a building and then put them in the van to go where they are needed?

I was actually thinking along the lines of getting them into jurisdictions that would have trouble with regular shipments. For example, if an intermodal container full of these things was shipped up the Danube to Liberland, it could probably be of great utility.

The Liberland project makes for such interesting creative imaginings. How can we build without infrastructure? What kinds of turnkey technologies can help a new nation bootstrap itself into viability? And so on…

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