Stopped running mid-code

Hi everyone, I’ve gotten everything set up and made a few cuts no problem (gotten through calibration unscathed, knock on wood). My issue is that I’ve created some gcode through SketchUCam for a table that I’m making and the machine gets “stuck” in the same spot. I’ve looked through my gcode, and tried to mess with it a bit, but can’t find the issue. When i’ve run it through some gcode validators i’ve found online, it runs through all the code with no problems. I couldn’t find anything in searches of the forums, or elsewhere online, so thought this was a good use of my first post on here.

I’m running:
Webcontrol v 0.94 on a raspberry pi (which is running raspbian buster lite). I made a custom frame, but am running the over the top configuration for my motors. They’re ~10’ apart and the cut i’m making is near to the middle of the work area. Got a Ridgid Router and I got the sled/hardware from MakerMade. I attached the gcode here below as well. Thanks!

Coffee Table legs.gcode (13.1 KB)

Hi all, just thought I’d give an update on this. I figured out that the problem had to do with the buffer being overloaded. I turned the buffer off, and it ran perfectly!

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Thanks for taking the time to post the solution to help us in the future. I’m sorry we didn’t know the answer to help out, but hopefully next time someone runs into this issue we will know what the answer is now :smiley: