Stops cutting mid cut total newbie

I finally got my Maslow up and running and the first cuts I am trying to do just stop mid cut in different locations. If I press the stop button and restart it goes back to the beginning and begins cut again only to stop in a different location. I am trying to cut the logo as a first cut any ideas I have the latest ground control edition and the latest firmware any help would be Greatly appreciated
Thank you Uploading: 85670B3E-002A-442E-B593-14D9540751C7.jpeg… Uploading: 02ED1B2E-B499-4896-83D7-511CADB39960.jpeg…

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To pause the cut, use the yellow ‘pause button’ in the middle. Clicking it again will ‘un-pause’ the cut and continue from where you paused.
Stop and start will do exactly as you described.

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