Second Pass Misalignment

I’m new to using this machine and have run into a problem with my first cut. I paused the cut between the first and second pass, and when I returned to resume the cut, I realized that the bit was in the wrong spot, almost a quarter inch off. I checked the g-code, and the position data is the same for the first and second pass. It seems like the web control reports the position of the sled as being in a different place from where the g code says it should be, but when I use the goto function to replay the line of code responsible for positioning the sled, it doesn’t move. The cut I am working on is a whole sheet of plywood, and ideally, I would like to resume the cut, but I’m not sure how to correct this inconsistency in the position.


To be honest I’ve never actually used the pause feature so it’s entirely possible that there is an issue with it :grimacing:

It is possible that when paused we are losing track of the encoder positions? I will dig into that.

In the mean time the easiest way to resume from the same location as originally is to retract the belts to re-zero them, extend them again, and the machine will be back to where it started.

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Also as far as I know you are the first person cutting wood so congratulations :grinning:


I’ve been digging into this and as far as I can tell the pause button is working the way that I would expect it too.

I did find and fix an issue with the stop button, but that should be unrelated.

Then I re-read the original question and I think that we’re talking about different machines. You are not using a Maslow4 machine, correct? Since Maslow4 doesn’t use the WebControl software.