Store notify when items are back in stock

Can we have the store let us know when an item is back in stock?

I was looking to pick up a z-axis but now I see that it’s sold out. I was hoping there was a way to get notified when it was back in stock but I don’t see that option.

I’d suggest signing up for the weekly updates if you haven’t already.

Per this week’s update:

"If you backed us via Kickstarter, meaning you paid for a kit through our Kickstarter campaign in October/November of last year, you should have received your kit by now! The only reason you would not have received your kit is if you didn’t fill out your backer survey.

If you preordered a kit from us through our website in May/June of this year, we are aiming to ship to you by the end of this September. Preorder means that you paid for the full amount of the machine - $350 or $410, depending on whether or not you also preordered a Z Axis Kit. Currently, all of the parts for these preorders are in transit to us from different places in the world. We are currently working to set up more complete fulfillment with Exceed, which some of you may remember reading about in one of our previous updates from a few months ago. Our hope is to have them package and ship all of the preorders we received in May/June, because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle doing it again! That and they are much more efficient than I am :slight_smile:

If you have only paid for a $1 waitlist spot through our website, you do not yet have a machine coming your way! I’m meeting with someone from Exceed tomorrow to hopefully move things forward in regards to fulfillment. Once I have more information from that meeting, I will send it out to those on the $1 waitlist, but know that as of now our tentative plans are to open sales to those on the $1 waitlist in either October or November of this year, with order fulfillment happening within 2 weeks after the order is placed. Please note that this plan is not yet set in stone, but it’s the ideal we are aiming for."

I read this as: ‘there probably will not be a complete update on the store until waitlist orders are being filled, or soon after’

but i could be wrong.

Hope this helps…

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Yeah I saw that, was just thinking an instock notification system might be nice to have in the future.

I think this is a great idea! We’re somewhat limited by the SquareSpace platform. The good thing is it pretty much just works without taking up much time, but the bad news is it doesn’t offer much customization. It might take less time to just get the z-axis back in stock than to make a notification system :wink:

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Is there a BOM for the Z axis?

looks like squarespace’s method for notification is to add a from block to the item being sold asking for the customers email for future notifications.

@bar do you think this could work?

I looked into that a little bit, but it seemed to me like there would be no automated way to notify everyone, right? I would have to manually update and send out emails?

Looks like it. :frowning: Not sure what mailing list service you are using but mailchimp allows you to create subsections of subscribers. A sub-section of subscribers could be created for each product. Then when that product comes back in stock it an email could be sent… Yep, that is dumb. :frowning:

You could set it as your browser home page, everytime you open the browser you can see if it’s restocked yet… Not that I would do something like this, that would be weird…