Strange g code output... Help

Has anyone used this software with success? I am getting “i” and “j” coordinates in my gcode file that I do not believe GC can handle. See below. If anyone knows how to update this program to prevent this, please advise.

G20 G90 G40

(profile 1)
G0 Z0.05
T0 M6
G0 X53.2052 Y16.7686
G1 Z-0.25 F36
G1 X82.2052 Y16.7686 F40
G3 X82.3291 Y16.8771 I0 J0.125
G1 X84.9957 Y36.8771
G3 X84.9968 Y36.8936 I-0.1239 J0.0165
G3 X84.8274 Y37.0105 I-0.125 J0
G2 X81.4095 Y35.8591 I-16.7188 J43.9812
G2 X77.828 Y34.9477 I-13.9634 J47.381
G2 X74.2859 Y34.3167 I-10.6611 J49.591
G2 X70.6129 Y33.925 I-7.5035 J52.934
G3 X70.4968 Y33.8003 I0.009 J-0.1247
G1 X70.4968 Y24.8936
G2 X70.4462 Y24.358 I-2.8586 J0
G2 X70.305 Y23.8858 I-2.3749 J0.453
G2 X70.0709 Y23.452 I-2.2337 J0.9252
G2 X69.728 Y23.0375 I-2.3643 J1.6068
G2 X69.3135 Y22.6945 I-2.0214 J2.0214
G2 X68.8797 Y22.4605 I-1.359 J1.9997
G2 X68.4074 Y22.3192 I-0.9252 J2.2337
G2 X67.8718 Y22.2686 I-0.5356 J2.808

G2 and G3 gcodes are arcs, with the relative center determined by I and j. The file should run as expected, though because of some quirks of floating point math in the Arduino software, arcs with really large radii will be cut as straight lines. The firmware will indicate when it is taking that action, in practice the difference between the arc and the straight line is indistinguishable.


Thanks for responding!
So you say I do not have to worry about the GC recognizing this then? I tried importing into Easel to view and it did not like it at all so I assumed QC would do the same.

Unfortunately I do not have internet access where my Maslow is set up so any changes using the web based programs makes me truck up to the house, redo everything, then go and test. Very time consuming…

I think it will run just fine. You could run it without a bit in the router to ‘pre-flight’ it, just to see.

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I will do that. Thanks again.

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It worked… GC received and ran with no problems. It noted that the system replaced some large arcs with straight lines to improve accuracy, but overall it ran great.

The Makercam software is far superior for my needs than the Easel software. I really wish that it could be further updated to allow for user preferences to be saved. Makercam does have it’s bugs, but nothing I can not work around. One bug that I noticed involved importing objects with an ellipses inside the part (window cut out). If I import the SVG into Easel the ellipses are perfect, If I open same svg file in Makercam, the ellipse turns 90 degrees.

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