stuck on calibration

I calibrated the machine the first time with no problems. Then I had a problem with the chain jumping on the sprocket, so I took the machine apart, and tried to re-calibrate.

The process went fine until I got to the z-axis part. When I tried to lower the bit to zero, the entire machine would lower, and the z-axis did not move. Then, any action I would try to take would result in the sled lowering toward the ground.

Any ideas?

I have not run into this issue. It is not clear what you mean by the “entire machine would lower”. Does that mean the sled lowers in the y-axis?

Thanks for the reply Joshua. I figured out the problem. For whatever reason, I entered the distance between the motors when I was supposed to enter the distance between the motor and the top edge of the work piece, during calibration. So, when I hit the button to move the router to the center, it lowered to the floor. Once I put in the correct measurement, everything worked fine.