Suggestion for writing firmware for wireless pressure sensor

Hello, I have made code for wireless Pressure sensor but how could it be possible to create a firmware from the code?
Which can be further useful to work with different smart phone application or through windows , Any suggestion about this will be great help.

what is the benefit of having this $55 sensor on a maslow?

I echo @aluminumwelder. The listed device has a 20cm accuracy, we’re looking for less than 1mm. @harry91 could you explain how this might be beneficial?

It can tell you how high above sea-level you workshop is…

So can giggle maps, and they’re free. My Garmin GPS does a good job, and it doesn’t require checking the current barometric pressure, either.

OTOH, you could add a weather prediction to a RPi and know if it’s likely to rain (more likely to snow here) on your outside Maslow.

OT, looking like Michael isn’t going to get close to Mooselake Bookelia, although like all WX forecasts you only know for sure when it’s over. Keep those northern FL, Alabama, and other storm path Maslovians in your thoughts and (if so inclined, no offenses intended) prayers over the next few days

Hi @mooselake

I have bought these sensor as per suggestion of my colleague and thinking to connect master pressure pipeline manifolds which will help me to monitor the air pressure system (can send sensor data for very longer range) in the company where I am working right now.

How does this relate to a Maslow CNC machine?

We’ve lately had several topics related to improving how we can accurately measure the position of our cutting tool, and it looked like you were jumping in with another way to measure it’s position.

Way back in the dark ages, early 70s, I spent the better part of a year working on weather balloon telemetry using custom hardware and an Interdata 7/16 mini computer with an open real tape drive and a monstrous 16K (that’s 16,384) bytes of what I think was magnetic core memory. Everything was installed in a step van. It passed acceptance testing, the customer (a national government south of the US) drove it down to their country’s national palace, tore down a brick arch to get it inside, and then rebuilt the arch. We never heard anything more…

Ok, so it’s not for the Maslow :wink:
The device you linked seems to have a library here GitHub - ControlEverythingCommunity/MS5803-02BA: Altimeter

Look at the .ino in the Arduino folder. You would build your firmware around that example.

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