Surplus Maslow parts for sale!

Some friends of ours have agreed to help us out by sorting through all of the extra parts we’ve accumulated over the years and sell them off. Since the Kickstarter Hannah and I haven’t had a chance to sort through all of the boxes of spare parts we’ve accumulated. There are a lot of boxes with out of date hardware bags in them, earlier versions of the PCB, and parts left over from earlier batches.

Some of the parts like the sprockets are useful and difficult to find so we want to get them out there.

It’s going to take some time for me to help them organize and figure out what’s there, but I got them started with some of the parts I think folks are most looking for.

All the parts they have are surplus from the kits, but you aren’t buying from us so Hannah and I aren’t responsible for shipping, the money, taxes…etc which is a dream for us.

Check them out!


Hello folks!
We are so excited to be joining this incredible community and hope to make Maslow CNC parts available for as long as it is useful to you.
Bar and Hannah have passed along their surplus parts to us (Khefri and Nathan) to sort, make available to the world, and distribute. We are using the funds to pay them back for the parts, saving up to purchase more so that availability stays consistent, and to get our little farm ready for it’s second season growing organic flowers, herbs, and vegetables. We look forward to serving you and contributing to the community garden with future Maslow CNC created homestead projects. Much love fellow Maslow CNC aficionados!


I am looking for either a motor cable or z axis cable. I see a listing in the Community Garden but it has no info on how to purchase. Is there another place to find them?

It looks to me like it’s sold out on their website so I’ve created a pull request here:

To propose deleting the listing from the community garden

First retirement from the CG. I guess l should remove it from the contest database, so it doesn’t get nominated!