Gearbox failure - need replacement

Ugh. Feeling a little cursed … But I’ve got some newts foot brewing to hopefully break the hex …

So I was in the middle of a longggggg rout and when I returned to check on the machine … The router and sled we’re touching the ground.

As you can see one motor stopped working until eventually it couldn’t get any lower.

When I tried to return to home the left motor began to click and fail to rotate while the other motors seemed to be working fine.

I unhooked the chains and tested motors and encoders. All motors we’re able to spin and passed the test. But the left motor sounded horrible. Like there was sand in the gear. Something obviously wrong.

So … Does the community have a resource to source a replacement.

Brand/model any info for me to start searching for replacements would be appreciated.

That is bad luck.
How many hours has the machine been running in total and what is the total sled weight?
A original motor you can get here Surplus Maslow parts for sale! - #2 by Maslow_Surplus_Parts

Every insurance would decline a claim. Hannah and Bar have been extremely generous with replacing parts in the past, but now that they have outsourced their stock I’m not sure they still can do that the same way.
My recommendation is get 1 or 2 from as this are the originals and might be sold out soon. Still drop an email to the founders to check if they can help with a motor or spare gears.


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Thanks Gero,

I actually just found them and ordered one. Certainly not looking for anyone to cover my costs.

I had 20pds of weight. Plus router and sled so maybe that’s my problem. A brick weighs 8 pds. I didn’t think that extra 4 pounds would be a killer. But maybe.

The sign was looking so beautiful… Then nope. Machine has probably only got maybe 150 hours. That’s high end estimate.

It’s certainly a motor or gear failure. When I sent a home command it was trying to pick up the chair but it just was clicking and not rotating. I thought I took a video of it but I apparently only recorded like 1 second…
It’s loud and sounds like metal is grinding…

So I can add the question mark if you think I should. But I feel confident this is a dead motor.

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Also … When the cut is taking 18 plus hours it’s pretty hard to just sit there and monitor.

In this case I don’t think it would’ve mattered either way. Not much you can do to stop a hardware failure. It was bang on until the moment it let go. Then you can see it slowly worked it’s way down the material from only being able to extend.

My sled is ~33 pounds total and the motors 17 months running, but I don’t think I have near 150 hours.
However I have a feeling like 100+ calibrations with the ‘pull chin tight’ on the left motor.
Failing gears I’ve seen in the posts a couple of times and also machines that have not been running long at all.

Really?!? As someone so active I’m surprised to hear that.

This one sign I started yesterday has been going for like 15 hours when it failed. 8 yesterday and 7 today.

And I only have like … 4 calibrations haha

That is what the ‘Hold’ button is for - it completes the current line of gcode and pauses. I power off the router but leave the laptop and Arduino/PowerControl on and go in for the night. In the morning, power the router back on and click the same button to resume…


Yea that’s what I do. As I said it ran for 8 hours the first day and about the same before the failure.

I just hadn’t checked it in about an hour. It’s not realistic to sit there and stare at the machine during a long job.

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First and for all: how unfortunate!
Secondly: did you open up the motor? Maybe you can repair it yourself!
Lastly: you had a bit of luck I think… The bit was milling air. But if it was stuck somewhere in would, the friction could have caused a fire. I suggest to, at least, install some kind of heat or smoke detector on the router sled.


Could we use one of the Aux ports for a pause / play button?

Thank you

we already have that in the software, what’s the added benefit of having it in
the firmware?

sounds like a bad gear. open up the gear box and take out the gears and post photo. several people have reported the plastic gear stripping.


Gonna go to work today and grab the motor … will post in a couple hours

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Well … I have found the problem @Gero was correct. Gear failure

Anyone know a good dentist?

Apparently I’m about to learn to fix a gear assembly. I’m tempted to model and 3d print a petg gear today.

As you can clearly see with the metal fragments everywhere and the lack of teeth … This gear is fried.

What do I do? Anyone got any good tutorials? Lol


well I would email etomn, the manufacturer and see if they will sell you a replacement gear. they are probablay worth 10 cents in china or ask bar if he has any spares?


Sounds like we all need a few spares…

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how is the gear box held onto the round motor?
edited to add. the gear box is held on with two phillips screws, took mine apart to see.

You can get spare motors -

Also there are gear scripts for openscad.

If you print a gear let me know how it works.

I just ordered a spare motor I’m tempted to make a silicone cast so we could make replacements. Honestly I don’t have the time.

Anyone here good wit silicone? Mike you know anyone through work? The reason to choose silicone is you could do resin or metal - I’d do at least 5 molds. You still have a good gear on the opposite side?

Just thinking out loud

Thank you

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Has Anyone else with stripped Gearbox opened it up?
Is this always the same gear that fails?

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Yes others have stripped the gear -

Here is some good info on the motor -

Whats inside the gearbox/motor?

I reached out to the motor manufacture that shows a North American distribution point. When I asked them about buying from them they admitted they don’t have North American location and said I need to buy from Bar.

I’m still weighing options to see if we will offer a kit - the kit has wondered from $300 to an upcoming $600.

I always wanted a more plug n play solution. I would like to see a more 3d printer like solution. Touchscreen computer built in ready to run just add lumber.

I think a full kit with router, on board computer, again just add frame would be a reasonable @ $1000.

Just a few thoughts

Thank you