Webcontrol: Do i need to redo calibration or can it be used with "old" GC-Values?

Hi there,

i’ve already read a lot about the newly developed groundcontrol and am about to try it out running on a raspberry pi besides my maslow. Questions which i have is if it can be used right away without re-doing calibration and just putting in my current calibration values from GroundControl?

I would like to test the new holy-calibratio in a later step but i was just curious if i can finish some prints with my current calibration settings via groundcontrol as well.


Yes, you can do exactly what you ask. Under Actions, there’s an option to import groundcontrol.ini file. It loads in those settings including your calibration values and stores them in webcontrol’s settings. You theoretically should be able to just switch between ground control and webcontrol once the settings are the same. Just make sure the first thing you do is the import when you fire up webcontrol for the first time… there’s a message that pops up that recommends just that.

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Thanks. Will try that out soon!