System not responding

Been using my machine for a couple of years w/ no issue. Today, was cutting a project and between it and the next cut, machine seemed to lose its’ position

Re-did the chain lengths, and when I went to jog the sled, got a ‘motors not keeping up’ error.

Restarted the whole system, did a motor test, all passed.

Tried to jog, got same error. Now, machine won’t do anything. Says I’m connected, but won’t jog at all and motor tests comes up all fails.

Motor controller board burnt out, maybe?

The control circuits for the left and right motor are separate so losing both at the same time is unlikely. When they both go out it’s usually a power supply thing.

Are the lights on the power supply and the one on the board on?

Sorry, false alarm. Evidently, my power cord must have been loose and the board just wasn’t getting enough power. Blew it all out and reconnected and all works as usual. Thanks for the reply, though!

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