Thank you all for your amazing help and work

I want to say Thank you to The Maslow Team, and everyone in the Forums pitching in to Help Bar and Roman out with the Bugs/ calibration issues.

I keep the forums open all day at work and try to keep up with everything going on. I try to follow along as much as I can to learn as much as I can.

I can say due to all the feed back and assistance given to Bar, and also Bars knowledge, with FW .70 I was able to get a good calibration. It was rough at first getting things to run after the update. so I deleted the Index, and the Yaml file, and then reuploaded it and it worked fine after that.

Calibration values:
Fitness: 1.0244965316694417
Maslow_tlX: -4.5
Maslow_tlY: 2411.3
Maslow_trX: 2957.4
Maslow_trY: 2420.5
Maslow_blX: 0.0
Maslow_blY: 0.0
Maslow_brX: 2967.4
Maslow_brY: 0.0
These values have been automatically saved for you.
[MSG:INFO: Calibration complete

Kudos to Everyone in the Forums for Pitching in and adding thier knowledge to this program. Now let the fun begin. … Question is, What do I cut first?


I think you should follow your heart on that one. After all, you only get one first project on your new Maslow! So what attracted you to the Maslow in the first place?


I do Haunted House Designs, So the ability to do a 4x8 Sheet of Foam and cut the look of Bricks/Stone work out automatically VS, trying to do it all by hand was a Win.

I also have a Photo booth business, and I have built 1 of my Photo booths, and looking to build a few more to replace old ones.

I also Have an Idea for a Costume this year that would be much easier with the Large CNC.


Okay, then I propose that you do a stone wall with the name or logo of your business as the cornerstone.


It’s like 10% us and 90% the community. I just read the forums and try to put the best ideas into practice. The only problem is that there are so many good ideas I can’t keep up :grinning:


Thank you for being a part of this!
Whatever you decide to cut, please make some photos/videos and share it with us! I can’t tell you how excited we are to see people making stuff with Maslow.


I’m trying to but i can’t figure out what’s wrong with my file. It won’t cut everything

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I know that the software side of things is pretty lacking (the free CAD/CAM programs are hard to use and buggy…for that matter so are a lot of the expensive ones) so that’s the next thing I am planning to work on. Expect better CAD/CAM options in the future…although I expect it will be several months before I have time to dig into that

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If you need a beta tester let me know

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