The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)

For those that are wondering when we will be taking orders and shipping. The application process has started with Kickstarter. We are in a holding pattern while they check us out.

If all goes well it my go live over the weekend. As we have already produced some of these and there are no changes to the product it all will go very fast once it starts.

Thank you


So cool. Good to see what’s happening with this community. I can’t wait until more “after market” kits for all facets emerge! If after market can even happen in our case. I don’t know what to think about that term anymore. :thinking:

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So will shipment happen when the kickstarter ends or maybe as soon as the goal is met? Will the order you pledge in affect the shipment times? Only asking because some campaigns run as long as 60 days.

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care to share a parts list, with links to purchase? I’m open to doing the same, just don’t know where to start on sourcing the “kit” pieces.

correct, no takers

David Lang

sounds like we need to make the new motor mounts a bit beefier.

David Lang


This will be short Kickstarter I have limited stock now so I will be able to ship as soon as I see cash hit the bank account. I should have another 100 boards in 10 days. I need more cash to buy parts, I think I have 4 figures in this already and will not make it back unless I get “donations.” I’m not including this in the Kickstarter, it was my choice and learning experience. I’ve been off line getting the UK / EU space setup. The reality is I have to choose at this point to answer questions or get the Kickstarter done and set up a EU shipping channel. All of these are important! it’s just 2 of them mean big delays so I’m doing what I can to avoid delays. My participation is split here and getting a way to make it happen for everyone. Good changes are coming.

The EU rep is on a plane back now.

Thank you


Dang these look better than the stock boards and I just put in orders to build my own stock megashield boards and it looks like it will run me about $90ea for the normal ones. Good luck. After mine let the smoke out I will try ordering 1 of these.


@Thadeausmaximus - Thank you for the complement

These will be a kickstarter under the Blue Smoke Herder Shield -

I have just added them to the Community Garden / Market Place under the Name “Maslow Brains”

We just got 100 more boards , sooner then expected-

We have a total of 150 that may be a limited run. Depending on the status on kickstarter, we may go a diffrent direction to get them out sooner. We need more components to build them out.

The UK rep is back in the UK!

We are moving fast. More soon.

Thank you


So I’ve been doing some research and Kickstarter is dragging their feet. I’lll be making a special post after Midnight west coast time. Something good is coming.

Somehow they look better in one stack.

More in a few hours …

Thank you


@aluminumwelder Get your Bananas ready. Read the previous Post above this.

Thank you

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@bee Will you ship to Canada? Between Continental US and EU, we’re often left behind, even though we’re very close.

We are servicing the US and Canada. We set up an independent EU manufacture to serve the EU. They have just arrived back and are dealing with jet lag. The EU system is a little behind. Considering it was worked out and parts give to them on Thursday. We went form 0 to 20km pretty fast, now to reach full speed. There are means to use a US address to get things beyond the boarders. We’ve done as much as we can to cover everyone.

Thank you

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That’s great to hear! Looking forwards to the Kickstarter!

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Where are you located? PM me if you want that to be anonymous.

Thank you

Hi @Bee,

Please sign me up for a board. I’m in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks.

Disciples of CNC Came through! …
After watching for this for the last month, I can finally sleep!
Hope your new order system works well for you- Best of luck with “ACME” !

Huge Thanks, @Bee!


@Bee I’m in Québec, near Trois-Rivières.

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OK, here it is -

Hi Everyone,

I’m sending out a Early Access Presale, Beta Test Pilot Program.

The Blue Smoke Herder is the Shield only.

Maslow Brains are the Shield + the Mega with the current Firmware loaded ( plug n play )

The sales website will automatically limit the number products and show sold out when it reaches zero.

1 Item per customer.

The site is password protected , the password is


The website is:

We will not be responsible for slow or lost e-mail. The RFC governing e-mail is 72 hours before e-mail is late. We are not responsible for issues or service ability from you location to the website.

Everything we do is with major vendors so we know we are doing our best to proved a fair chance to everyone.

We are currently only shipping to US and Canada addresses only. The EU branch is an independent entity and should be available soon. You can buy as long as you can provide a US or Canadian shipping address.

We are giving you first access to the presale. We will be doing one more presale tomorrow through the forums under the same terms.

Why are you doing this, What about the kickstarter?

Simply put - they are 3 days behind and we can’t tell when it will go live. Each step says wait 3 Business days. Our user base has been waiting and many have reached out that are building new Maslows and this is the last block.

Based on the success of the limited release we will be able to do a larger release. This route enables us to go faster. After researching it could be 3 weeks to get the kickstarter live, 15 days to run then a 3 week wait to access the funds. We want to be done 3-4 weeks from now.

We are flexible, we will do what it takes to get things done.

We have added more inventory for this release - we will send out applications Tuesday for these sales.

Have a good weekend!

Brandon - Aka “Bee”


“Must complete an separate application to the Beta Test Program before the product ships.”

Am I correct to say that once you place an order, you will eventually receive an email with the Beta test Program application?