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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


Mine never held so I super glued mine on.


How can I access information on pricing and ordering? I’ve tried to message you, but I don’t think I did it right. The more I read up on this shield, the more I want to start out with it and skip the base Maslow.


I PM’d you just now.

Thank you


I should make it clear that there are (to my knowledge) not ‘many dead shields’ , what i meant was that of the reports I recall(4-5 total) , the majority (>3) were most likely due to the heat fins falling off with sleds on the heavy side.

the original maslow shields when used properly, seem to be just fine, and run the machine well.


@Dustcloud - there is something you have posted a few times I want to correct. I’m working on an enclosure for the Maslow Brains that will be an add-on. I’m specifically making one for you because you requested it. As a product it will be designed with a special Air blowing feature - It’s name is “It Blows”.

I don’t know at this time how many “It Blows” I will be able to make yet. It was to be named “It Sucks” but there is a CNC product too closely named to that and I don’t need to get in to a war over a name.

Anyway the elves in the lab are working on it.

Thank you


I have three dead shields on my side because I experimented on heavy (15kg sled) and steep frame angles (down to 6°). The heat sink falles of due to tape (I never had one fall of because I cleaned the chip and did not touch the tape. An easy fix for that is to use what they use for CPU, paste and clamp.
Bugs in the setup overload the original chips without protection.


Is this a form of a 3d printed item that others with printers could make? I know I have found a few on Thingiverse that I was modifying but if you have one designed for your shield that is even better!


It will be a 3D printable design, not buy all 3d printers. But seeing I have an unused vacuform machine it might be time to use it.

Thank you


Awesome! If you are sharing that I would love it. Also, I recently built a small vacuform box and it was amazing! I wish I had a real one but that’s not an option right now so I’ll stick with my pegboard box and shark vacuum lol.


I would definitely like to get on a list for an “it blows” if you happen to make 1 or 2 that haven’t yet been claimed.


@bee The other threads regarding motor issues got me thinking… would this shield be able to operate at higher voltages? (say 24v) It seems that 24v motors are easier to find, and beefier. The TLE5206 datasheet specifies an operating voltage up to 40v, is there anything else on the board that would preclude this?


The TLE5206 chip is rated up to 40 volts. Not sure of the ratings of the capacitors used, and the LED that indicates power would either glow very brightly or burn out unless the associated resistor was increased. As the ‘Blue Smoke’ board uses through-hole parts, it should be relatively easy to change out those parts after receiving it.


Thar she blows?

How’d I miss the pre-sale? Something’s wrong with my forum reading technique, made worse by too much going on during our short (but incredible) summers, missing a lot with “new” and “updates”. Think that made 25 characters


I’ve PM’d you but I will say here - because they are custom orders we can accommodate leaving it set up for you to add your own resistors. We have followed the BOM from the original design in the community garden so you can look at it to know what is included.

Thank you


When will more kits be available. I missed the 24 hour deal.


@Maxwebber welcome to our group. We received the rest of the parts to build out the existing orders today. We are still looking at our numbers to decide what the next move is. We are also working to help the UK branch get up and running. Our current focus is delivering the orders placed with us. That said you can PM me your needs and we are happy to see how we can help.

Thank you


Since your using different drivers for each motor will this make it possible (possibly with a faster motor) to move the z without stopping and actually do some carving or tabs on the fly?!
Will this functionality need to be added to GC/firmware and are you capable/willing to add that?


This is possible today with the existing firmware and hardware.

stopping for tabs is a software thing, makercam does this rather poorly.

David Lang


What @dlang said, the tabs is already possible. I have installed a faster (different geared) motor for my Z axis because I build a Z that has much less friction than the stock, meaning I don’t need the stock speed or torque to move it.

I personally use easel for my gcode and it definitely makes the process faster since now to move up that small amount does not require as much time. However, as stated before it is a software thing that is saying once you get to this point, you stop moving in X/Y until Z completes task and then go back to X/Y. Hopefully I can get some video this weekend if a speedier Z (fingers crossed)


Hola, parece que puedo encontrar algo de tiempo para empezar a armar mi Maslow, voy a apostar por una maquina un poco mas potente que las que he visto por aquí, de momento ya he tenido que hacer un anillo mas grande, esto no ha sido ningún problema, espero pronto hacer el marco con 3,5metros en la parte alta. Sería genial si la TLE5206 estubiera pronto disponible en España