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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


Thanks @Bee, Got your PM. Password worked and I’ve purchased a board. Thank you for all of your efforts!


I also had problems with the password.
Could I have access to the new password?


Great work Bee…

I just recently joined the disciples website, but was too late for the 24 hr sale. I am also interested in getting the password to purchase a board.


I’m on my way to meeting and won’t be back until tonight. I will follow up then.

Thank you


@Bee Could you please send me the password also. Thank You.


Sending PM


@Bee Thank You. One of each ordered.


Can I have a password?



It is confirmed now that I’m stalling the left motor with the TLE5206 on ‘pull tight’ and the motor confirms the stalling with a beeping noise device.


I ordered the Maslow Brain as a beta test on Monday… the shield and board were shipped on Tuesday from California, and arrived at my post office box in Central Wisconsin yesterday. Was in the middle of a frame modification, so it was a perfect time to implant the new brain!

After installing v 1.20 firm and software, I got it running this am. I had to recal, and I observe a cleaner operation of the left chain motor when doing the “12 o’clock” routine. Could this be because Blue Smoke Herder has a chip for each motor? I know that the stock set-up has the left motor sharing a chip with the Z axis.

On my Windows 10 machine, the stock board offered Com 3, which I used. This time around, com 3 was not an option, only 4… this is fine by me, but I will need to to figure out how to free up 3 again.

Bottom line, service was great, and the board works!



Did you do a ‘pull tight’ from the calibration?
Would love to have more feedback on the ‘non smoke shield’.
Also the by GC calibration measured motor distance and what you think it is.


I plan on going through the whole cal routine, as my numbers are not the best after the latest changes. And, I am wondering if the new shield will have an impact on the “pull tight”. Will report on the results this weekend.


What is this application I was emailed for? Please explain. I already placed my order.

What is the custom order section about?


I’ve PM’d the information. but to be complete, The custom section lets us know what to add to the board for your needs.

Thank you


A quick report on my calibration “adventures”…

First, my new Maslow Brains (Blue Smoke Herder shield plus Arduino board) are working fine… the shield is a real gem, with permanant heat sinks, separate chips for each motor, and top notch build quality. As I mentioned above, it was easy to set up, and everything works. Chain stretch measuring works pretty much as before, although the left motor seems to sound more “solid” than with the stock board. I don’t have any real way to ph8ysically compare the two scientifically, as a “side by side” comparison would require more hardware than I have. Part of the “Brain” is a cooling fan and enclosure, which is still being developed… look forward to adding that upgrade.

I will report on the calibration process elsewhere, but, although tedious, time consuming, and frustrating, the end result is quite good (I think!?!)
Round circles have been produced!



Thank you


Here is the latest Benchmark for my 12’ beam machine, using a 1/8" bit @ 16000 RPM, 1/4 plywood, Blue Smoke Herder shield, v 1.21 firm and software…

I thinks it is the best I have been able to produce so far. First time for me, all large verticals are right on or very close. Let me know how these compare to your best.



I haven’t set my Maslow up yet but am going through my parts and looking at assembly instructions. Is this new board worth starting out with or should I start with the base model and work my way up? This is an evolving machine and I want to start as close to current specs as possible.


Keep building… measuring and tweaking, you’ll get there. this board has more leeway in terms of controller chip power and cooling. the key parts of a well built machine are still required, so you’re not missing anything w/o it, until or if you overheat your stock maslow shield.

This is an unlikely situation w/ proper cooling and normal use. Based on reports here, it seems many ‘dead shields’ are related to cooling or overweight sled problems.

Keep building, you’re not missing anything w/o this.


biggest issue with old board is the black heat sink tape falls off use rubber band or dental floss to keep them on.