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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


olvide poner mi nuevo anillo


google translate for non Spanish speakers:) Hello, it seems that I can find some time to start assembling my Maslow, I will bet on a machine a little more powerful than I’ve seen here, so far I’ve had to make a bigger ring, this has not been any problem , I hope soon to make the frame with 3, 5metros in the upper part. It would be great if the TLE5206 Estubiera soon available in Spain


Quick up date - we put a dent in the orders yesterday. An update with pictures will follow tomorrow. @Carpinteria_Yenes I will reach out to you again tomorrow with an update.

There is still testing to do but things are moving.

Thank you


Ok Bee, thanks for your support. I hope making greatest things, with help of the community


So here are some pictures from our first production run -

Parts - so many parts

Harry said no pictures of him please, I got his hands in this one but I think that is ok.

Here is a shield just about to get headers.


My friend Nick came out and helped with some preliminary testing even though he works two jobs.


We will probably start testing early next week and ship by the end of that week. Once that happens we will probably open up for some more orders. In the mean time you are free to PM me if you have a need.

Thank you


:wave: Harry, Nick


How are things going? I might need to change the shipping address if you’re more than a couple weeks out


I just sent you a PM.

All -

We are on to Soldering the customizations , testing and shipping. They will start popping out soon.

I will send out shipping info as they go out. Please don’t e-mail asking for an update unless yours has shipped. Meaning you got a shipping e-mail. The more time I spend on e-mail the less I get testing done.

The e-mail Exception - Everyone that purchased has been sent a link to the beta application document that is used to select your customizations. If you have made a purchase and not sent and application in please PM me here. I have 2 hold outs and I’ve sent multiple e-mails to the address entered in the shop with no response.

Thank you


So some perspective, a 16 hr day yesterday yielded 10 tested boards, 6 completed. I’m still waiting for more parts and boxes to arrive hopefully Monday. As much as testing is taking up time I’m finding accounting the most time consuming part of this project. I’ve been testing for 4 hrs I have 3 boards ready for customizations. Progress is being made.

Thank you


Busy as a bee? :honeybee:


I’m putting out information here as this is a place anyone that got a Blue Smoke Herder Shield / Maslow Brains will be able to see it. We have as of today shipped over 70% of the orders. Some of you will be getting them today.

The manual is here:


The Board Files are in the DL on the Community Garden as well.

All of the open applications have been built and tested. We anticipate the final shipments going out next weekend.

I am traveling again this weekend and will be off line until Tuesday. ( I may pop in if I find internet , but don’t count on it )

We will start entering some tracking information on Tuesday - it’s a manual process and I’m getting some help.

There are a few of the usual suspects here that now have Maslow Brains. If they wish to chime in on any issue that pops up while I’m offline , feel free.

Have a good weekend, & enjoy

“Don’t be on Fire”

Thank you


I got a nice surprise in my mail box today!!

Thank You Bee


Beat out the swamprats, the BSH has landed!


@Bee broke my power shield last week, i would love to get one of these asap so i can get back up and cutting :smiley:


I have PM’d you.


Ok - I’m running the last Calibration Cut Before the last big shipment of shields. I have a few stragglers. I’m missing Applications from 3 people and two of them have a first name of Jason. I have one application I sent out earlier today. That was my fault.

Any way I’m about 30 min away from completing a big task and getting an Update out.

Thank you


I would love one of your new shields if you’re still taking orders.


I’m interested as well but uncertain what this does to improve/enhance the machine. Also what is the price?




It makes the machine more reliable in that the stock board is being run right up
against it’s limits, so if it gets hot (especially if a heatsink falls off), the
stock board will burn the chip.

This board has both a higher limit (3A instead of 2A) and the chips have self
protection so if they get hot, they shut down instead of destroying themselves.

David Lang


The chips on that board have a continuous current rating of 5A, and the peak rating is 6A. Each motor has a dedicated chip as well.
The stock board drives the Left and Z motors from the same chip, reducing the current available to 2A per motor.