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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


Hello. I’ve made this board, and I have problem. It is not working. Should be there any changes to firmware? Leds are on, I have 12v on tle5206, PWM is close to 0,8v but no voltage on Output.


Can you send a picture of the board please?

Thank you


I got my BSHS board (with programmed & tested Arduino) yesterday (I’m in Canada, so had some customs delays) and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I “finished” my Maslow 6 weeks ago and have been troubleshooting ever since - yet to get a successful cut… until yesterday! After weeks of re-making cables, replacing Motors, trying various power supplies, and countless Software re-installing & configuring, I swapped in the board and Shield that Bee sent me and everything Just Works. (My suspicion is that the shield I had was bad).

So, for those fighting with the " The sled is not keeping up with it’s expected position" problem, upgrading your old Shield to this new version is a possible solution.

Thanks @Bee!

P.S. in case you’ve not seen the warning elsewhere; this new shield needs an insulating pad between it and the Arduino. Without it, you may short the shield’s 12V input to the USB jack below, to fry your Arduino (like I did :frowning: … good thing I ordered the spare Arduino from Bee when I ordered the Shield)


Where can an “insulating pad” be purchased? I have yet to set my system up, so this has not been an issue.


use a few pieces of electrical tape or duct tape or even a thin piece of card stock like a cereal box anything to prevent metal to metal contact.


I use a piece of electrical tape on the Arduino port then a piece of 3m 2 way foam tape on top of the electrical tape.

Thank you


This is custom made board without aux pins, but this is the only difference from the original tle5206 design. For now I believe that this is cause of all TLE5206 I ordered from China, all of them seems to be dead from factory.


I’m sorry to hear that. If you want to message me off line maybe we can find a work around.