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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


The macOS GC .dmg brings the firmware .zip as well.


I would be interested in option A.

I also think that you should be able to update the firmware, it is not all that difficult if a person is going to be using a CNC machine.


Count me as interested in option A as well.


Option A, for me.


It is through hole version. The heat sinks have not been decided on yet for my production.

Thank you


I have been working towards a solution like this. It is one of the reasons I set up disciples of CNC. I just came across a simple Mac FW upload solution.

Thank you


can you tell me what the benefit is of having 12v headers to run fans? why not just put the electronics inside a square tube with fans on each end and use a power strip to power up everything?

or is it just the convience of having one power supply? If that is the case why not just use one larger 12V supply like 6a and have a couple of splitters to run the fans.

Is it that simple or are there other benefits?


It’s simply cleaner then wires running everywhere. All that splitting can become an antenna for EMI. That can lead to random disconnects and crashes. “Connection lost” errors.

Thank you


put me down for plan A please


@Bee its plan B for me! Count me in. That is, unless it will be awhile after you get and send out the shields only… then I’ll start with A :wink:


I’m in for either option a or b.


@Bee If you go the crowdfunded route, you should consider using crowd supply instead of kickstarter. They tend to be better for open-source hardware like this.

Also, they will vet your project and ensure it gets delivered. Kickstarter has a reputation for successfully funded projects that fail to deliver. Crowd Supply has a 100% delivery rate on successfully funded projects.


A or B depending on the cost difference.


option A. And just an opinion, take smoke out of the name, I had avoided this thread because I thought it was aobut a board that people had problems with smoking. I don’t like the magic smoke coming out.

PS I’m not married to the idea but an option to roll your own would be cool. I have been wanting to build something like this but had no further use for it. The Maslow gives me a good excuse.


any idea of approximate price?


Interested in option A, though I have been out of the loop recently, so will need to go back and familiarize.


Truth be told… I’m learning a lot about many things all at once. I think that a few smoother edges wouldn’t have given me a feeling like I was entitled to my problems being fixed for me. In the spirit of being as helpful as we can (which is the feeling I get from this community😀) I think Bee has the right idea. Solve problems that make the product better. Eventually possibly as the the Maslow comes.


I’m interested in plan A when you get priced let me know


Anyone know when the new boards will arrive?
Im piecing a maslow together. Got my chains, motors and Z axis. I just need the metal plate and a board. As well as a parts list so i can start assembly.


When is a relative term. I pick up a new revision of empty boards tomorrow. The new design needs to be tested before starting a scale assembly. Each assembled board needs to be tested as well. There is some leg work. My best guess baring unforeseen incident we will have things worked out and can announce what to expect in about 2 weeks.

Thank you