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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


Does the maslow team wait for high demand to produce a new batch???


I am already invested… bought the material to construct my frame. This is truly an amazing machine and most importantly a great community!!


@Mightymouse I’m a member like you. I just happen to be taking on the task of making shields. I’m currently producing based on perceived need. There is a shift from the Maslow team to the community producing kits.

Thank you


PCB Porn!

So as previously stated, parts are on the way to do some testing on the new V2 boards.

After that we will be in position to share all the details.

Thank you


I’m very interested in watching this progress!

I want to build a Maslow, I had a kit on order but cancelled it, as I know it’s going to be sitting on a shelf here for a long time, when there are plenty of people out there that wanted to get going now. I knew that this meant that I’d probably have to build one WITHOUT a kit, but that’s no biggie, I am used to sourcing my own parts as needed for projects.

The control board is the one area I was unsure about- I’d like to see how this design works out…


I look forward to following the progress. And in the future being able to help out the community once I get my Maslow running and learn enough to give back :call_me_hand:t3:


@Bee When I looked at the kit it shows a board that says Maslow on it, as well as another board. What are they? I’m guessing one is the PCB that you are working on.


What kit are you referring to? “The Kit” is ambiguous can you please give a link?

Most likely you are referring to the older Maslow shield with 2 controller chips & the Arduino Mega. The Shield I’m working on is the New shield designed by @blurfl. I forked the design for some features I personally wanted. I was also asked if I would consider taking over making shields for the community. The remaining kits will include the original shield design.

I hope this helps clear it up?

Thank you


I was just looking at the ‘what’s in the box’ on the Maslow homepage.

So this chip set you have is a new all in one?

What is the arduino mega??


The Mega is the Brain of the Maslow. The shield is it’s arms and legs.

Thank you


How would I come across a Mega?

Don’t see them on the site store.


I’ll PM you. Note Option B of my shield includes one.


@Bee you mentioned the new shield is more powerful.

It what ways?


It is discussed here:

Thank you


I think I will go with option B,

Price range on this?


The Arduino Mega boards aren’t in the Maslow store, but this is the one they send with the kits.


That information will go out in the same timeframe as the next Maslow update. It is currently being worked out. I have a site here:

If you sing up as a member there you will get a direct e-mail.

I send out the update from my site in sync with the Maslow Newsletter.

Thank you


Cool website. I just got in touch with a seller for a Maslow but I would like to add your upgraded board and keep the other as a backup


count me in for
1 of Plan A) - A replacement shield for the Existing Maslow
when it becomes available

I already have 3 arduino mega still in the box and plenty of old computers to play with at the moment.


For those keeping track. I have part of the parts needed for testing arriving on Wednesday and more parts of the parts on Friday. Things are happening.

Thank you