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Welcome to the Maslow CNC Wiki!

The Maslow CNC is a low-cost computer numerical control (CNC) machine that can be built with simple tools and limited construction skills. The Maslow CNC hardware and software is open-source, so you can freely use the designs and software. Similarly, you are welcome to contribute and make the Maslow CNC even better.

Like any tool, the Maslow CNC is better-suited to some applications than others. For details, see Maslow CNC’s capabilities (future link)

The Maslow CNC build process: Walkthrough from ordering to cutting your own designs

One of the things that makes the Maslow CNC stand out is the Maslow CNC Community. With plenty of support from the Maslow founders, the community has grown to be a key partner, contributing ideas, improvements, software, and projects designs. (link to details of community involvement?)

The Maslow CNC forums (of which this wiki is a part) are built on the Discourse forum software, which is designed to promote civilized discussions among participants. The forums contain a wealth of information, user experiences, and mutual support. (Link to page(s) on forum organization, norms, tips and tricks)

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