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Improved calibration! :smiley:

Are we really going to see one to one point three millimeter precision in the extremities of the sheet now?

That’s how the article read to me, but I want to be sure.

If so…

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Our testing gave an average error at the corners of 1.3mm, but note that was just the average.

One thing I did notice about the improved test pattern, is the vertical cuts on the right side of the sheet are all 2mm short. The error doesn’t change across the range from upper to lower cuts. It seems odd - like a possible measuring or programming error. Same with how the long horizontal lines are long, short, long. The error doesn’t grow or shrink consistently.

Having zero knowledge of the physics of the machine, I really have little room to speak. That being said (teehee) it makes me think about the loose flippy clippy thing on a tape measure. It moves about 2mm.

Thinking out loud is all…

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we have had two people notice differences from one side of the machine to the

we don’t understand why those differences are there, but even with this problem,
the new process is simpler, faster, and significantly more accurate than the old


Completely agree. It’s a major step forward. :smile:


We did see that, and it was hard to isolate if the issue was related to the code or the specifics of the machines we were testing on. There’s definitely room for improvement, but the community feedback will be instrumental for that. :slight_smile:

we need testing done on more devices :slight_smile:

Jeej, someone to educate about the loose clip on the tape measure, it really is a very clever piece of engineering that few people know about.

The amount it moves is normally exactly the thickness of the clip, so that when you take an ‘outside’ measurement, it gets stretched and your zero is the side of the clip closest to the roll. When you make an inside measurement it gets pushed in so the zero becomes the side of the clip furthest from the roll.

The loose clip doesn’t make your tape measure less accurate, it makes it more accurate and you don’t even have to think about it.


Precisely! Many don’t know why it does that. My thought was the measurements may have been taken without being conscious of the position of the flippy clippy™

The newsletter mentioned a frame redesign. Has there been a thread started for that yet? I know there are lots of alternative frames posted here, and I try to keep up with all of them. Just wondering if there was an “official” frame redesign thread that I’ve missed.

Hi there, no official redesign as far I know. If you can incorporate a top beam to the current standard frame, you should be good.

yes there is (I don’t have a link to it at the moment)

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Bar has said that he plans to define a new ‘standard’ frame that’s a top beam
design before the next round of kits go out.

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see the discussion at