The Off-topic topic

As suggested by @Gero it would be nice to have an Off-topic category.

But since there is none i would like to give it a try as a single Off-topic topic for now…

Philosophy and brainstorming goes here:

Lets make Chaos!!!

How would Buckminster Fuller want his Maslow?
WWZS? (What Would Zizek Say?)
How to build a house for your chicken?
Can I build windmills on a Maslow


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That’s more like a chicken skyscraper. :slight_smile:

Who wouldn’t want to incorporate some geodesic fun into their lives? THIS is relevant to my interests. :smiley:


nice dome @akamcfly!

Geodesic chicken house anyone?

I’m interested in anything starting from Tetrahedron. :slight_smile:

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