The skirt: key to the 4x8 workspace

I haven’t seen much talk about a skirt in the new frame design thread.

In order to realize the goal of a true 4x8 work area, isn’t a skirt necessary?


Yes, you’re right. There also needs to be enough space below for the bricks to miss the floor, even with the sled skewed.



There are 4 post about a skirt. However I broke it out -

Please see-

Thank you

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yes, for the bottom, you make a L shaped thing that attaches to the bottom of
the bottom crossmember and slides in and out

for the top, you don’t need a skirt as the CG of the sled is well below the bit,
so it’s good and stable past the top of the workpiece

the sides are an unknown, when the CG of the sled gets past the edge of the
workpiece, how much does it start rolling given that it’s got the chain pulling
sideways on it (this may depend on where the Z axis CG is compared to the chain
mounts, if the chain mounts are slightly higher than the CG, it could be pretty
stable still)

with the new frame, the distance from the legs to the edge of the workpiece is
much shorter than the old frame, so if you do need side skirts, it’s not too
hard to add them.

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I just saw your build after I posted this. It looks good! I have my Maslow kit but I haven’t put it together yet because I’m waiting to see what comes out of the new stock frame, so I really appreciate the work you’ve put into this.

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I flushed up my backing board with my lower beam, I cut some 6” pieces of half inch conduit and drilled holes in the lower cross beam at a 90° angle from the pitch of my frame. I didn’t go all the way through the lower beam. I only filled until just the pilot tip of my paddle bit went through but not the paddle blades. So the conduit doesn’t slip out the back. Before loading a sheet, I drop the conduit into the holes, put the sheet perfectly in place, screw it to my backing sheet, then pull the conduit out and place it on the floor for next use. The whole modification took about 10 minutes, including cutting the conduit. It makes it possible to have unobstructed bottom edge cutting and makes sheet loading super easy.


I have a design based on a full skirt shown here:

I’m writing out the documentation now.

Thank you