The Swing Set Maslow Frame

It might not look like a Maslow yet…but it will. The top header is a perfect 12’. Now for a few cuts here and there and some bolts and a possible tack weld or two and it should start to come together into a frame that won’t flex or warp :wink: So far cost = 0 ….unless you count neighbors kids being upset that their swing set is missing.



Haha, great reuse of martials. I’m excited to see it finished.

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Now you do realize that you have to leave all the sawdust on the floor below it for safety reasons. :grinning:


I plan to make plenty of sawdust !

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good luck, I hate working with round tube/pipe. buy a piece of angle, it will let you keep a straight line along the side of the tube. Nothing worse than rotational errors.

If they are too upset, just create a new wooden swing set with your maslow :smile:


Oh yea… there will be some angle in there. That’s where the cost will be encountered given the steel costs.