The Wave - a utility cut

I’m currently working on a project and trying to use up some scrap pieces. I ended up needing a piece that was longer than I had. So why no piece them together?

I know puzzle joints are common in join large pieces together. So I just scaled it down.

I made a wavy line about 12 inches long and then created two offset lines that were half the width of the bit. This way I could use the follow path function in MakerCAM on two different pieces and join them together.

This was a lot more involved than what I thought it would be when I started. Lots of test cuts. I found I needed about a 1/32” of tolerance to get the pieces to fit.

Right now this just slides together and is good enough for the project I’m working on; having some overlap (like a real puzzle joint) would be better (that way you are not relying just on the glue).

The nice thing about this is that it is just a line/path for the machine to follow. Getting to Gcode was a bit of a process. I used OnShape to create the line, offset to create bodies, then export to .dxf; then open in Inkscape and delete the unneeded lines (the centerline), save to SVG; then MakerCAM to create 2 follow path operations (1 for either side of the joint). There is probably a better way to do this :slight_smile:


Right on a potential buyer was just wondering and thinking would it be possible to make a 12 foot sail boat with this method of joints


Absolutely! Totally possible. Hardest part was figuring out the tolerance to leave in the cut.


This is very very cool!

Would you be willing to post the files in the community garden? I would like to try cutting one of these out myself

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Sure thing! I’ll post it up.