Thinking about switching over to a spindle

My router ranges from 10k - 26kish. 10K seems too fast for 1/4" bits and I go through quite a bit of them.

Should I go with a spindle setup? Would this 500 watt work or do I need to 800 watt?

Will gcode spindle speed control work with the original mega and shield? Looks like it will work with Eastbay’s board.

Or should I find a router that will work with a speed controller? Mine won’t work because it’s a soft start. Will I be able to get the router down to 4K range with the controller?

My spindle came in the mail!

May need some tips on setting it up.

The mega with classic shield currently doesn’t support spindle speed control, correct?

Currently I have a relay controlled by the shield for router on/off.

Does the spindle control box already have this type of relay so I just need to wire it up, or do I just plug the spindle control box into the plug that is already controlled by my relay?

it’s going to depend on your spindle control box, but just plugging it in as you
did the router is the easy thing to do.

David Lang

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@Gero tested out some code I wrote for a shield pem pin output for spindle speed control as a side project a while back. It was all in direct messages. We used aux 45 pin and the speed was user defined based on settings input to webcontrol. It has been added to the newer branch of webcontrol. We may need to adjust the pin for your specific shield. The shield used for development had a 9201 chip. This would be one of the new webcontrol feature tests for the 2022 update. Speed was set in gcode with Sxxxxxx where the X’s are the rpm.

Am I missing something here? Can one really get a 500w spindle KIT with power supply and everything else, for 6.37 cents per watt???

No the whole setup is $90-$120 there is a drop-down

ah, ok thats it. Thanks Tim. Even still, its a pretty good deal. What has been you experience so far?

Working today to set it up.

just a note for anyone replacing the router, it is very critical that the bit be
centered on the sled (or more precicly, on the ring/linkage) as the sled will
rotate during use and you need the bit to not change position as the sled

David Lang


that looks awesome!

So quiet. Got the control box hooked up to my outlet ran by the relay. Working good. Had to remove my dust shield as it was too big. Sled is about 22.75 lbs now.

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thanks for the update. im getting ready to build another sled and was considering going to a spindle. you may have just sold me on it

Haven’t really cut anything yet. Just calibration. We will see if 500watt is strong enough.

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it really should be if you are using small (1/4" or smaller) bits.

David Lang

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I think power wise it should be fine given you now have greater control over cutting speed. That to me is worth the trade off. Being quieter is also a plus.