Timed out from screensaver

Ok I got an issue here. I was cutting a project out and the screen saver came on after awhile.

Is there a way to resume where I left off? Or somewhat close?
Thanks in advance. :v:

See this:

Thank you


Just did it today! I thought I had plugged in my laptop, but I did not get the plug in quite all the way, so the sytem went to sleep and the cut stopped at about 90% complete. In GC you need to take note of line # at which the system stopped. Then you need to do the “Set Chain Length Automatic” routine to get the sled back to center. Hopefully you can get the file back to where you started. If you did not note the code stop point, you can also rerun the cut from the start.

Good Luck!


I had a project (somewhere about 6 hr cut) that my computer crashed on. Fortunately I am in a good habit of writing down the x&y of home so that I was able to move on and come back (as I almost didn’t learn what I’m about to share towards my success) when using the Go To function in Ground Control find a z axis action prior to the line you need to start at. Type it in but only after you start it from the beginning. Take care that it doesn’t slice through part of the project while making a b-line to the z action you typed in. You may have to lift the sled while it Finds Its correct position. I estimated that I was about halfway through the project so I took a guess and was quite early. I’m glad this is the case because it’s nice to watch the router cut air for a while and know that you are on track. I hope this makes sense but the z-axis action line in G-Code is the key that it took a long time to find out and learn. Just thought I’d save you some trouble if I could. :sunglasses:


What you mean is to find in the gcode near the line you stopped at a z action to lift or raise the cutter and GOTO that line number. If you stopped at 2996, and your z action to raise or lower the bit is at 2923, enter 2923 and it will resume. Better to enter a line where the z action is to lift the cutter than to plunge.