TLE5206 shield: How to connecr AUX 1 to relay for spindle power control=


can anyone tell me how to connect the AUX1 port to a power relay for switching the spindle/router on/off? My IOT relay only needs 2 contacts. GND and (5)V. The AUX ports of the TLE5206 shield now has 3 pins, GND, 5V, and AUX. Must i connect the AUX pin and if yes how?

(See also images below)

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Apparently your relay has a coil that takes +5 V and Gnd and 3 other terminals if it is a double throw. The center terminal connects to the NC (nomally closed) pin when the power is off and it connects to the NO (nomally open) pin when the coil is energized. To connect a spindle, you would cut one of the power wire and connect one side of the cut to the common and the other side to the normally open. When the coil is energized, it will switch and turn on. You can connect the fan the same way to the same power source if the relay is rated with enough amps to switch enough power for both.


Use the Gnd and 5 v to “power” the relay. The Aux is the switched power line from the controller that changes when the relay is to be turned on. The aux line switches the 5V line to energize the relay when using a relay like this one:

An optically isolated circuit is provided on the relay above to keep the Aux microcontroller pin signal away from the relay to avoid frying the microcontroller. If your relay does not have an opto-isolator or a transistor circuit to switch the 5V, you “can” try the microcontroller line direclty, but it is not recommended because the relay current draw can be too much for the micro causing it to brown out and reset or overheat that circuit inside the chip and let the smoke out, so be careful.

your iot relay needs Aux1 and GND only or it requires a relay as shown in the previous post.

In case anyone is searching for it i copy the solution from other thread here:

I did measure the AUX1 on the motor controler board (TLE5206) coming with metal maslow today.

The boards AUX1 port works correctly with M3 (start spindle) / M5 (stop spindle) commands. When configuring spindle control for “relay_high” 5V are on after M3 is issued/withdrawn after M5 is issued. When using “relay_low” 5V are “always” on and when “M3” is issued it goes to 0V. After M5 the 5V come back. I tested with “WebControl” but it should work the same with ground control.

My IOT relay works fine now.