To Router Cover or Not to Router Cover?

Dumb Question:

So I have a dust collection system hooked up into the port of my Ridgid Router. There is also the clear plastic cover that goes on the front of the router. Currently it is on, but the thought occured, that by removing that front plastic guard so airflow can be increased and less strain would be on the shop vac?

I know the sled isn’t the most air sealed thing, but I can only imagine more airflow allows the dust to better pulled and helps the vacuum not work as hard and stress the motor less, or maybe it doesn’t matter at all

I was going to try this later today, but any community input/thoughts/criticisms would be great.

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Hi Michael,

I kept the cover on, based on the thought that most of the air it pulled would have come through the Rigid Router, thereby helping with cooling the motor. I’m running my vacuum at pretty much the lowest RPM possible and it seems to have no trouble at removing the chips.


Ahhh that’s a good thought! I’ve just been a littler paranoid, granted I only got it up and truly working this past Sunday (been plowing through some opendesk designs to check fidelity), the vacuum just seems to be running warmer than I would expect. That being said it’s still seems to pulling a decent airflow, and I’ve never ran the shop vac continuously that long before either…

Thanks for the quick response!


I doubt you’re going to hurt anything by doing a short cut with that cover off. Then you can report back to the community what you find!

I drilled a bunch of .25" holes in my cover to allow more air to pass through but stop bigger chips from flying out.

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So to report back, @simon_makes was right cover on definitely keeps the router much cooler. The venting is a decent option (I jerry rigged some a quick plastic test cover), but the router still ran a little warmer, no cover and the router ran much warmer.

I should’ve used a temp gun to get actual metrics… but anyways, fun facts