What router vacuum should I use?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to assemble my Maslow and I would like to attach a vacuum to the router to collect the dust. I couldn’t find a recommendation anywhere on the Maslow site. Do you use one you like, or is there one that you could recommend?

If it’s helpful, my best supply source will be Home Depot Canada.


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I found this when looking at their site:


You might want to check my friend Winston Moy on youtube - he has a episode on making a dust collector. In my opinon you want a shop vac to power it and a dust collector inline. There are several other DIY dust collectors on youtube.

Thank you

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Thanks for your speedy reply! This is great advice. Could you let me know what you mean by a dust collector inline? Are you suggesting fixing a hose to the router, or do you mean something else?


I hate loud vacuums so I bought a Fein and I love it. They are expensive but how much is your hearing worth?

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I have a Dust Deputy cyclone inline with my vac to keep most of the chips out of the vac bag/filter. I’ve had it for many years from a good promotional sale, wouldn’t pay their current price. There’s a lot of small versions on eBay in the $20US range.

I have the $140CAD Ridgid shop vac. After wearing out a number of Craftsman and ShopVac branded vacs it’s the quietest and best sucking one I’ve had so far.

Feins are great but too spendy for me. You need hearing protection around the router anyway

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Would that be any good? (+ a vortex) and a big dust bucket
1000Watt vacuum for 114 seems like a reasonable deal, not sure if this is available in imperial currency.
I live close to the German border so i might do a trip across the ‘somewhat-open’ border to get one

Something like a dust deputy or thien baffle to collect the heavier debris and let the vacuum filter catch the fine dust.

This usually results in an easier-to-change collector and longer life from the filter, as well as consistent vacuum as the collector fills up. (Shop Vacs tend to loose suction as they fill up and the collectors are small)


This is the one I use:

A dust collector with a big cloth bag like that will run for a lot longer without clogging up, and they tend to be quieter than shop-vacs

I have the version without the wheels on a wood lathe with one of those trash can lid pseudo-cyclones that works great. Before the pre-cleaner it’s screen plugged pretty fast, but they’re bigger chips than a router. The bag is pretty coarse so it’s a good idea to replace it. Amazon has several choices.

Wynn Environmental has a page with HF DC fixes, likely others do too

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This kid on YouTube makes his own dust collectors, using his CNC machine to cut the most complex parts.


Late reply, but oh well. :slight_smile:

Most routers come with a dust collector hose attachment that will work with a smaller shop vac hose. Also, check out Canadian Tire for shop vacs and other tools. They tend to have really good sales compared to Home Depot Canada. I bought a cyclone on Amazon.ca for under $30cdn which is a clone of the Oneida mentioned in this thread.

Don’t forget to add yourself to the Maslow map as we’re short on Canadians :smiley:

Our local radio station has a regular contest, “Dead or Canadian,” where the players are asked which a celebrity is.

Given the premise, it’s better to be from Cannuckistan. That map should be full :grinning:

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Clever guy, and entertaining to watch - always good to see amazing things being created in less than ideal spaces, more like the world most of us inhabit.

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Is that the vacuum he built where the blades went flying off, or the revised version :slight_smile:
I know he has a version that he’s not recommending…

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He didnt mention that in the video!

Yeah if you watch some of his later dust collection videos, he’s using a 3-phase motor and a much larger impeller. The first version of that larger dust collector came apart and he re-made the impeller for it.

I can’t hardly stand to watch the video where he moves the dust collector to the corner of his shop. He’s talking about how much noise it makes from the vibration and then misses an opportunity to mount it to the concrete wall and instead hangs it on a 2x4 partition wall. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, the impeller build video actually has me pretty excited to get my Maslow working. I got a 5hp (220v) motor from a friend in the HVAC business and I’m itching to try out an idea I have for a dust collector in my shop.


how do you have it connected to the ridgid router?

i have not been able to find a hose adapter that goes from the 4"
on the dust collector to the 1-1/4" router.


Here’s a picture from a previous discussion.

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i remembered there was a photo but
couldn’t find it in the searches.

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we found this today at rocker.

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