Todays the day, building my Maslow. Cover me Im going in

I put the chain lock on just cuz the example on the build page has it… but the next step is making the sled and attaching it and I’d need to unlock my chain for it to be connected to the sled no?

Are you planning on using triangular kinematics? If so it might be easier to mark mounting points on your sled before you cut it out (no matter which triangular kinematics solution you use).
You could easily add something like this to your paper sled template.
Just a thought.

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Do you mean attaching the ends of the chain together? If so I did that in the picture because it was difficult to see how the chain was routed when it was all hanging straight down, but I now see how attaching the ends is confusing too. It should say next to the picture that you don’t need to attach the ends. Sorry for the confusion!


Lol… I just was wondering if I forgot to put that piece some place important :slight_smile: Glad to know its not required. whew

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No worries I was just following along with the words and the photos…

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Honestly I dont know. Is that what all the cool kids are doing? I saw a thread with a link to an etsy page but I dont understand what the triagular kinematics does. Im guessing if it improves the functionality of the maslow then yes I will be doing that… i just need to know what that does…
thank you btw

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see the wiki page about accuracy (I really need to make some images to go on it,

switching to triangular kinematics eliminates a lot of sources of error, which
greatly increases the accuracy of the finished machine.

It doesn’t matter if you implement the triangular kinematics with a ring
approach, a bearing approach, the kit on etsy, or the metal top pantograph kit I
made, they all do the same basic thing, which is eliminate the need to calculate
how much the sled is tilting to figure out where the bit is.

In the next batch of Maslow kits that ship out, there will probably be some way
to use triangular kinematics instead of the older mode (we are discussing the
different options)

David Lang