Toybox with a rabbit (files included)

Box for toys, size 40x30x30cm
Painted white inside, varnished outside. Can be made with the rabbit or without the rabbit. Actually you may engrave the front with any other image you choose. When you open the SVG file in it has to be scaled in x and y by 512.8% as it was made in Rhino, exported to DXF autocad 2000 file and then online converted to SVG in convertio website. I don’t know why but it needed to be scaled that much. The bottom line is 60" long, I used it to measure how big it opens in makercam and then got the closest dimension to be scaled to actual 60" to be 512.8%. You will be cutting it in 3/4" plywood or 18mm plywood in 5 steps for each cut, I go down with the drillbit by exactly 0.16" at the time. Kids happy, now I need two more boxes to be made. Hinges and lock from home depot.


SVG file

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NC file to go straight to 3/4" or 18mm plywood in groundcontrol (rabbit included)

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…and some making of images


For some reason this really reminded me of Sam and Max, well, Max specifically! :slight_smile:


One more box… this does not have a rabbit but a t-rex and before varnish it has some whitewash. I still need to do one more after this for the third kid. TBC