Transfering Data from Windows to Linux?

So i recently tried using my CNC with windows vista and it was a nightmare trying to get drivers and whatnot to work properly, so i moved over to linux and after a day of getting that to finally work im stuck with having to calibrate my machine again. I’d rather not have to do this since i already perfected it when i ran GC on windows, so can i just move a config file over from my windows backup to my new linux GC?

There should be a file named ‘groundcontrol.ini’ in your home directory on the both machines. Copy that from the Windows machine to the linux machine (while GC is not running…) to move your settings.

Thanks for the quick reply, i did a quick search through the old windows folder and i dont see an ‘groundcontrol.ini’ file anywhere? only an ‘old.ini’

I think I understood that you had done the configuration on the Windows machine, right?

I don’t have a Windows Vista machine to look at, but the file I’m talking about should be found in your home directory. You might search the whole C: drive for groundcontrol.ini .

Check under C:\Users\userName\ where userName is whatever your user name is.

When you say you "did a quick search of the old windows folder " What does that mean? Do you have separate machines? Do you have a full back up of the Windows computer? Did you install linux on the same machine as Windows?

Thank you

generally, %userprofile% will get you to the same place as C:\Users\userName\ in windows vista and above.