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Tripptrapp Chair almost complete


First and foremost, I want to thank @Gero ! Without him I know I wouldve put off designing the opposing leg. Mirroring gcode is a beautiful thing!
I still have to fasten it all together, make the seat part for the bébé (as is is the adult setup,) finish sanding and finishing.


Looking good!!!

Did you design the CAD files too?


Got measurements from a sketchup file then created in autocad. Im sure there is an easier way or conversion. Very tedious!!! Wanted the base and leg to be all one piece


I’m a bit concerned that the seat rests on the small bit of plywood that’s left, i would think that will break off pretty soon.
I actually have 2 original triptraps, and they are made from solid wood, and the grooves are round.


Well my 70 lb son has already sat and jumped on it no problems yet. Guess if we run into prob Ill break out 56 3/4 inch screws to reinforce.

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@Dag83 You make a great point though! Prob couldve used 1/2 inch oak. Or better, yet pay the 200 for the tripp trapp. Reminds me of this Big Band Bang clip on 3d printing … when I first saw it it had me rolling :rofl:
I wonder if a round over bit on the seat and rounded bit to depth on the legs may help the shear forces on ply?

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I didn’t mean to criticize you, i’m always the one that says to the lady of the house “hey, i could make that for a quater of the price” then she says “i know, but when will they be done” an then she just buys them. That’s one of the reasons i bought the maslow.
The ones i have were bought used for around 50 euro each i think, you’re right that they are way overpriced.
I do think rounding them over, or making the grooves trapezoid would make them stronger.

Also i love those chairs, in the highest position they are even comfortable chairs for adults


OMG - that clip is too funny.

So my thinking is you could make or print some inter locking blocks to go in the grooves below to add more surface area tension and distribute more of the downward force.

Thank you

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:joy: cracks me up every time!!!
Earlier I thought of something similar (or guess the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )… Just cut out exact dimension blocks to fill 2-3 slots below. Would have to be tight tolerances, but could be removed with ease


Or cut a spacer of one slot and attach it to the seat portion. The either glue another board to that space as a sandwich or just add a small piece to the sides. The sandwich idea could be enclosed as a cavity to store things.


I’m impressed with the backrests. Nice thinking stacking some pieces (assuming that’s what you did) to gain a contoured piece in a difficult way. I’ll have to remember that trick!


Yes and Thanks @Jayster that’s exactly what I did!! As I was drawing up the mold cad to attempt forming, glueing and clamping thin strips


1/16" or 1/8" X 2" X ~16.5" strips of baltic birch, which I don’t think I could’ve gotten the sharp angles on the ends of the curve without breaking.

I decided to just cut out 2 1" pieces, glue and stack them. Solid, shape I needed and looks sharp to boot! It opened my eyes to using 2d to stack and make 3d.


Yeah good find, never thought about using plywood in that dimension. At first I thought you formed it, but will have to keep this in mind in future.

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Well I thought I was almost finished. The baby surround(in pic), backrest and smaller seat have to be completed. Its all coming together. Im having fun with slicer for fusion 360(though, Im not dealing w the cam side in fusion😜)
And by the way… Only the right side of the surround is somewhat shaped the left side is still rough


How many bazillion slices is that piece? It looks great!

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For the surround it is a total of 16 1/2 inch pieces


And a lot of sand paper i assume :slight_smile: i love the technique, and the look, i love exposed plywood, a nice stain will bring out the layers even more.

Do you have ‘in construction’ pictures of how you combined the slices?

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3/16 inch dowels times six in each piece…used titebond 3 ultimate glue. Since the pieces were staggerd I wasn’t able to get a correct dowel placement in fusion 360 slicer nor did I have a 3/16 router bit so I just did it by hand. Very tedious and a lot of measuring! Sorry, I do not have any pics


Sorry to be a year late to the party but how is this working for you? And do you have the fusion files by chance? My sister loves these chairs and now that I have a child I was looking at them too.