Types of routers

Are there any routers out there that would lift the bit as it moves across the project to cut in a different area? Or is this possible with the Maslow? I’m brand new to this

The Maslow has a couple options for raising and lowering the bit, also referred to as the Z-Axis. The most popular and fastest is the meticulous Z axis, which raises and lowers the entire router or spindle. There is also the motor based leadscrew attachment which can be added to almost any router with a leadscrew style depth setting, but it is quite a bit slower, though still faster than a pause based manual height adjustment would be.

There are also several mods you can get/make related to the z axis, your tools, and your budget like this one.


Thank you for this. Much appreciated.

You most welcome. I just got started a week ago myself. The guys here on the forums are really helpful, so never be afraid to ask!