Canada\US - Black And Decler RP-250

Hello everyone,

first post here etc etc so forgive any newbie question(s).

My partner is considering my birthday gift (& she also wants me to CNC a room divider - Typical female with ulterior motive).

I have a couple of 3D printers & had a introduction to CNC programming as part of my HNC in Electronic Engineering.

My real question is has anyone got the Z-Axis to work with the B&D RP-250CA plunge router successfully or is it deemed just too much a beast (7.8Ibs) compared to all the other palm-sized routers.

From what I have seen so far from this thread that It can be done by using the depth guage, however I don’t wish to heavily modify the router.

Ironically my 3D printers are still packed away so printed parts are not a option (unless I can sweet talk one of my colleagues in the Dalek Building community so I’m not in a position where I can use them yet.

Help suggestions & recommendations for this or alternate routers would be much appreciated.

The maslow uses a full size router, not a palm router, so the size is not going
to be the problem, the problem is that the typical plunge router has springs
pulling it up and the depth control just limits how far it goes down. What the
Maslow needs is a depth control that moves the router up and down (now, there
are ways you can make a Z axis that doesn’t depend on the router, but that’s not
neccesarily what you want to start with)

David Lang

Thanks David, I have seen a few of the sled\linear actuators since my first post & good to know that the beast isn’t too big.

I’m a bit more confident in my ability to get the Z Axis working, following your reply that the router is OK (even if it appears to the first one mentioned).