U bolt used in Beta specs?

I loved the look from the arms used in the beta, so that’s what I built. What are the specs on the u-bolt used in the beta kits so I can find one locally?

That U-bolts are 2 1/2 “ wide by 2 1/2 “ deep, 5/16-18 thread. I think that more recent versions of the frame rely on screws to affix the motor mounts, though. In any case, make sure that the motor mounts are firmly attached and do not swivel. Holding the motors precisely in position has proved to be very important in the search for accuracy :wink:

They should be listed here, however I have not verified the accuracy.

DIY Kit Mechanical Equivalent Parts

Please update if inaccuracies are found.

Newer revisions don’t use the u-bolts. How should we mark them as deprecated?

Thank you! That is just what I needed!

Please see my corrected response - mrfugu was correct that the thread size is 5/16-18 :flushed:

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