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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


Hey guys and girls,

i finally modded my Bosch POF 1200 AE today to get the Z axis working and thought i’d share it with you guys.

The 1200 doesnt have a fine adjust knob, but he 1400 does. The 1200 actually has all the bits inside it already, they just added a piece of plastic so you cant use it, and put a cap on where the knob goes.

I removed the whole lot (as it only gives you ~16mm of adjustment) and put in a lead screw so i can have 40mm of movement without issue.

Have some files on thingiverse, and a quick youtube video showing it working and how its all put together. Hope this helps some people out, expecially in New Zealand, as finding cheap routers with height adjust is terribly hard!


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That looks like a great solution!


Cheers, been thinking about what to do since I got my beta kit last year and struggled finding a router until I saw this and took a punt and actually works quite well (on the bench)


IF the same approach could be made to work with other plunge routers, it would really open up the range of choices. I’m going to give my old Porter-Cable plunger a look to see about it.
Thanks for sharing the parts files too :+1::100:


Really great, can’t wait to see it in action!


@Ned looks great! Would you be willing to 3D print the parts and ship within NZ? Obviously happy to pay.

Although I’m guessing I could mod your designs for the plunge base for the GOF 1600 CE, I more inclined to pick up a POF 1200 AE since it reasonably cheap, use your exact set up, and have it be dedicated to my Maslow and keep the 1600 for regular wood working.

Would be good to get a complete parts list for the mod to be able to source them. Beyond the two 3D printed parts, there are the shaft, coupler, and brass nut/screws, correct?

Thanks for your work on this!


Just checked out the Thingiverse link and it has the parts links:

The screw shaft and nut:
The coupler:

Thanks for those @Ned. Still hoping you might be willing to print the 3D printed parts :wink:


No problem man, send me your address and i’ll send some prints your way. I havent run it on the maslow, so no idea how well it will work and how long for etc, but it seems to work. Im mainly worried about the coupling coming loose, but a bit of epoxy or something should solve that if it becomes a problem (mine is press fit only ATM and seems to work fine)
Wou will also need 4 screws for the nut, and i just used some left over self tapping left over computer screws i think, but im sure you’ll find something to use.
021 413 423


I was holding one of them in the store a while ago trying to figure out how to put a z-axis on it, but couldn’t really figure it out. Then again, 3d printing isn’t one of my go-to-skills yet.
The lucky part is that the pieces i ordered to make some sort of clamp and z-axis for my makita rt0700 can be used for this.
So i think i’m with walter on this one, ditch the original plans, keep my original router for woodworking, and just get a POF 1200 AE for the maslow. they are around 100 euro here, and feel really solid.
I would’ve had to get a second router after a while anyways, i wasn’t gonna take it in and out of the maslow every day for months.


Why is it only 40mm? the total plunge depth of the router is 55mm. Could it be that your acme screw bottoms out? 40mm sounds like it should be enough, but if the full 55 mm could be available that would be better :slight_smile:


Nice mod and video ,
Thanks for your input
Will this router work with Logan’s linkage kit?
Could you make the plastic parts and ship to Scotland?
Happy to pay


Regards the top plastic mount
To secured it to the top body cover
Remove the two screws that are covered by the plastic mount,
drill two holes in the plastic mount,
replace the two screws with longer threads


@Ned Router picks etc look great, Have you used it on the Maslow yet ?. Mine is due in Feb and this router looks like the go




I can get the plastic parts printed for £21
Plus shipping
Just pm if anyone require a set of the plastic parts


could you post the plans on the wiki? I was just thinking that we need to get the orage button that keeps breaking on the rigid modeled so that people could 3D print it (or order a bunch) rather than having to order from home depot


Great work Ned. That’s a fine solution. I think that’s my candidate for a router now for my Maslow. I might be able to get some prints done in a batch for people on a fancy HP Jetfusion 3d printer in Nylon if anyone is interested.


How long is the leadscrew you used Ned?


Walter has the link up a few posts


Regarding the lead screw length, the link posted has a few length options.


What’s the best one to go for without having to cut it down to size.



Yeah saw that on Ned’s posts too, but there are multiple lengths as Sam_Lake notes. Just wanted to see whether I’d need a 400-500mm one.