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UniStrut Frame designs


Welcome Amubu!

That is an interesting idea for aligning the motors. I assume you mean adjustment in the z-axis? If so, most of us have found that setting the motors to the most often used stock thickness and leaving them there is fine. I have set mine for 3/4" stock and have cut 1/8 to 1 inch stock without changing the motor mounts and without any issues. If you are planning to have a very large difference in stock thickness where the median stock thickness would be more than about 1/2" from the minimum or maximum stock thicknesses, then you might want to move the motors. But I think for most of us, constantly moving the motors is unnecessary.

As for the unistrut frames, you may want to do a quick search while you wait for the folks on this thread to get back to you. I used only one piece of unistrut for my frame (the top beam), since the rigidity of the rest of the frame is less essential than that of the top beam.

This might also be of interest to you:


Yes, I was thinking of the Z axis. Thanks for the feedback, it does make sense that with the tolerance that the chain provides that there shouldn’t be much need for moving the motors.

I look forward to building my frame here soon so I will have a bit more hands on and a lot of this will be much more clear.


Sorry, I wasn’t quick enough with my edit to get the rest in before you responded :confused:

Building your frame will definitely make a lot of things clear to you. I would start with some kind of full design idea (I didn’t bother to draw mine up completely) so that you can think about what modifications you will likely want to make early in the process. At this point there are a lot of modifications out there, but everyone’s build and needs are different, so…


I second this, and would add that you will benefit greatly by sharing your design with the community and asking for feedback before you start… Lots of eyes here to see things that you might have missed… Wish I would have done that.

I did a strut top beam, 12 gauge, and thought surely that would be rigid enough… In reality it is really not that rigid and likes to twist. If you use strut get the thickest gauge you can get and make sure to attach supports to the top beam as close to the motors as you can and be very generous with the number of supports along the length of the strut.

A square tube will be much more rigid than the U-shaped strut.

I would also look at @c0depr1sm ‘s build (and calibration) which has resulted in the most accurate Maslow I have seen yet.