Used Maslow kit for sale, includes all parts for Meticulous z-axis upgrade! $350

I am looking to sell my Maslow. It did a great job when I used it and it made some amazing things, but it takes up a decent amount of space that I would like to use for other things! I have had this kit for about a year, originally purchase from Maslow CNC and received a new Arduino from MakerMadeCNC. I also have all the parts (belts, pulleys, shafts, 3D printed parts) for the Meticulous z-axis upgrade.
I am based in Northwest Indiana USA, so a pickup would be wonderful and the frame would come at no extra cost! If not close, I will clean everything and pack it all up to be shipped just as a new kit would be!
If someone would like to purchase the Meticulous z-modification for the sled, I will sell that separately for $100.
The main kit will be $350 without the router, $400 with the router, and $450 with the router and meticulous z-axis kit.
Again, if you are near enough to Northwest Indiana, we can make something work without having to deal with shipping costs!
Any questions please leave a comment or message me about my Maslow! I will attach the thread where I give all the specs on my Maslow!

Also here is the link to the Meticulous z-axis: