Up and running! Aka cbolts projects

After going back to the horizontal beam setup and using the thicker bungee that @bar suggested I am now up and experimenting with plywood. Need to get some better quality plywood as you can see by some of the photos.


Oh man that’s great to hear! Good work :+1: :+1:

I think you’ve go the first Ohio I’ve seen so far. We should really make a list and see when we get all 50 states :grin:

Did you use any tricks to get such a clean paint job?

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All 50 states would be amazing!

No tricks to painting really just masked off everything except around the area to be painted then hit it with some spray paint and sand off excess once dry.

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Wow that is nice. I will make a Tennessee and Arkansas when I get running finally.


Still experimenting and having a blast. Honestly I’ve made more dust than anything else lol.

Tried making a Michigan type thing from scrap 1x3’s from another project.

Made a sign that said “have a nice poop.” for a friend per request that they seen some place and wanted a larger one (24"x18").

Also attempted to make a welcome sign for my mom from a piece 1x10 barn wood from her father’s old barn. The O and E’s centers chipped out a bit sadly.


Still at it! Thought I’d share some of more recent projects in case they may inspire ideas in others.

First is 49ers sign made from old pallet wood for wife’s dad for Father’s day:

Next is 3 foot letter with name on it for a diaper party wife was invited to:

And last is a 3 foot anchor for wife’s sister’s wedding coming up. You sign wooden hearts and drop in slot on top to fill glass faced center area:

Happy maslowing folks!


What bit did you use for the letters on the anchor?

The letters on the glass are vinyl and the words on anchor itself are painted on using vinyl stencils. All vinyl was cut on cricut.

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Had a request to make a nightlight featuring a carousel horse. 5 pieces of MDF sandwiched together with led’s and this is what you get. Projects Maslow is capable of making is limitless even for noobs like me lol.


Forgot to add a few projects I had done recently. Being short on time surely limits my maslowing time but I’ve managed to get some things done lol.

Here is another nightlight with led’s but this time cut from pallet wood:

Here is a project I made for my nephew while he was staying with us for him to take home and paint later. (Kind of hard to see without paint I know lol):

Here is a sign with a saying the wife wanted made for the laundry room:

Happy maslowing!


I need one of those bees!

Thank you


How did you get the pallet wood to stay firmly in place on the frame to cut with the Maslow?

In this picture I used scrap 1x3s by using small finishing nails to hold the boards in place. With the pallet wood I used screws instead of nails (much easier to remove screws) with spacers between each board. In both cases though I didn’t cut to full depth when cutting the shape out. I left like either 1 or 2 tenths of an inch of material attached all the way around because figuring where I needed tabs would have been a pain. Then when maslow was done cutting I would finish cuts on bandsaw. Hope that makes sense.


Thank you. Your work is impressive :+1:t3:


Thank you very much!

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I meant to upload a picture of anchor after wedding a while back to show the wooden hearts inside but forgot lol.


We’re getting ready for Halloween with the Maslow this year! The wife wanted all sorts of Halloween shapes cut out to hang in trees and to put in front of house. Got some finished and others not so much lol.