Home address sign

First real thing I made. Cut our address out of reclaimed redwood. (neighbor’s old fence when I lived in California. Yes, I hauled most of a fence from California to Maryland for just this day!)

Lightly sanded, and then painted the numbers

Sanded, then clear coated, then repainted the numbers


After I did this I realized I did the clear coat with interior poly. Uggg. Decided to just do another exterior clear coat, and hope for the best. I can always sand it back and do it again, or just cut another one out!

not actually fastened to the brick, but somewhat close to it’s final home

(Also visible is the porch I’m building, which I’ll be doing some gingerbread railing for with the Maslow!)


Looking good!

When you do the railing, this project in the community garden might be useful:


We’re trying to put together a collection of templates for Victorian details :grinning:

Yes, I created that repository! :yum:

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Well in that case great work! :grin:

I too made a house sign! My friends loved it! Im thinking of making one for myself



:slight_smile: Nice

Are the metal numbers mounted through the board?

Yup, just a few stainless steel machine screws from the back

@Mccand is that with a 1/8" endmil on pine?

You are correct.

hey @Mccand which fonts did you use for your sign? mind sharing the drawing?

Sorry for the delay… I was on vacation.

Not sure on what the fonts are, but i normally just play around til i find what i like. I would suggest opening a word document, write out your phrase and copy that line a few time and change the font til you find one you like.

Unless you also live at 42 Charles St, the file would be useless.


very cool. how did u go about doing this? I have sketchup. almost done setting up my maslow.

Im not sure about sketchup, but have a look at easel. Is very simple program for making signs. Good luck :blush:

I need a tutorial on easel. I can’t figure it out, and I learned onshape quick. Anybody have a tutorial or know of one or can you make one? PLEASE?

I have been watching youtube video tutorials on the easel program and find them easy to follow. I think the key is to be consistant with your practice and the learning curve wont seem so daunting :blush:

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Great work done!

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Address sign for a friend. stained parts are inset 1/8", edges are also stained. Some imperfections but this was originally going to be a practice piece but it came out pretty nice. Dimensions are 12" x 24".


This looks great!