Update - redid calibration again

Getting pretty frustrated with this machine as I really would like to do some unique stuff with it. But as the title suggests I went ahead and redid calibration. I even watched a setup video and copied everything they did. I will attach a photo of how that calibration did the test cuts and how they’re still at an angle and now jagged.image

at an angle sounds as if you don’t have the chain even (like one of them jumped a tooth). with the sled in the center, check the chain lengths with a tape measure, do they match?

the bad cuts sound as if the sled is sticking rather than sliding and then dropping, try making the bottom of the sled smoother.

I think the issue is the router bit you are using. Those cuts look pretty burned and not clear. If the bit can’t move easily through the wood, the cut results won’t be accurate.

I simply used a sharpie inside of each cut to emphasize the cut, my apologies on that one. I’m also using the bit that came with my kit :slight_smile: I’m currently working on redoing my frame design to better accommodate my needs so I’ll update once I have that finished.

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Ok, sounds good :grin:

The shape of the cuts still has me concerned that something is going wrong physically with the sled. They should be nice sharp right angles about 1mm deep.

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Can you post a picture of the entire machine? If possible take the picture directly facing the machine.