Upgrade or Not? That’s the question

Hi guys, need your expertise on a question I have, I’ve been wondering about upgrading to the newest version of ground control, currently running v1.10 which was the newest version when I built my machine (about a year and a half ago) and had no problems with this version at all, did have big problems trying to install it the first time but thanks to the community and especially @bee who got it up and running for me. I’m from the old school which says “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” and that’s my dilemma about upgrading. Accuracy is not a problem with me for the things that I cut as long as it looks good by eye I’m satisfied, but I would love to have it run a little faster especially with the Z movement, I know very little about computers and my machine has been up and running without a single problem ever since, it would really suck if I went ahead and tried to upgrade and have big issues that I couldn’t correct or it wasn’t cutting the way it is now, so the question is what real benefits or advantages will I get out of upgrading that would make me take that chance?

Thanks for hearing me out

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the Z speed is a hardware limit, changing software won’t help you.

There have been a LOT of fixes since 1.10, but if you don’t care about them, you
don’t have to upgrade.

I’m the type to always run the latest, in part because if I run into problems,
it’s easier to get help and not run into bugs that have been fixed for a long

you can always switch back to the earler version (just keep copies and it’s

David Lang


I just upgraded to the latest firmware and ground control the other day. I have had zero problems with it. My recommendation is do it and keep doing it as new versions come out so that the process is familiar and no longer daunting. If you eventually do have a problem one of the first thing people trying to help you will ask is if you have updated to the most current firmware/software. From a practicle standpoint I think you are better off keeping up with the latest. Gook luck to you whatever you decide.


Hey Gary,

If you are getting good results and there is no benefit to you in the upgrades I would stay with the system as is. There is a possibility you would end up needing to wipe out you settings and start at square one. The process has change several times since the build you are on. For you I would stall locked in 1.10 until you need a benefit added or you have a hardware failure.

Thank you


Thank you all for your quick replies, since it doesn’t seem there are any major benefits for me to upgrade
I’m going to leave the system as is and upgrade only when I start having major issues as @Bee suggests