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Used z axis motor and cable

I’m looking to buy a used (functional) or new z axis motor and cable. Anybody have a spare they can part with for a nominal fee? direct message me.

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I don’t have any originals left, but I have the tools to make one if you can’t find one any other way. It might not be as pretty, but it should work.

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a self made cable would be fine. I need the motor too. I have one of the high speed motors that uses a different cable and I think the encoder is broken so I probably could rewire the cable I have with a different connector.

In the new design I’ve been working on I’m using a stepper motor for the z-axis so I don’t have any of the original ones at this point, is the cable still useful without a motor to go with it?

When I find a motor, I’ll need that matching cable.

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I’ll send you a pm asking for an address

Still looking for a new or used Z axis motor. Anybody?? Hoping to not have to wait for one from china in February…

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There’s these:

Do they not have any?