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Need a replace Z axis cable ASAP


How do you purchase items from the community garden.

I cut my MaslowCNC Zaxis cable today during the cut

Thank you,


I guess they should be on but are not showing yet.


Thank you, just ordered one!!!


And how did you find it? Feedback please :wink:


I think they were just added, and it takes a bit of time for a moderator to go
an and approve them for the store.

David Lang


I clicked on the catelog under the menu and the cable was listed there among other parts

Was able to pay via PayPal


The motor cable that I’m seeing has the ends that match the main motors with 2.2mm connectors - the z cable has one end with a 2.0mm connector and one with a 2.2mm connector. Don’t throw away the parts from your old cable :wink:


If you go to and click on store, it now takes you to


PM me your location if you are in the US I can ship a Z side connector. I just got some.

Thank you


I need to extend my Z axis cable. Apparently Maslow Surplus Parts is sold out of both motor cables. Does anyone know if these parts will be restocked? Or is there a good source for the ribbon cable?


Digikey lists this for ~$3 per foot… :moneybag: You could use any stranded 22 gauge wire to extend the cable you have by cutting in the middle and soldering in extensions. That would probably be more secure than adding a pluggable extension onto the end, adding another point of accidental disconnect.


Thanks. I might come to that: using ordinary wire spliced in the middle of the existing cable. My thought was I could find another Maslow motor or z-axis cable I would trim an end off each and solder them together for the extension. This result would be much neater.


I’m unfortunately not in US, but near Antwerpen Belgium.
Could you point out where to get these connectors ( or what they are called ) , so I could order some please?
I think a network cable would be fine for the wiring, just need the original connectors.
Many thanks in advance