Z axis motor cable replacement

Looking for a place to purchase a replacement z-axis motor cable for my maslow?
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Where do I purchase? Or can you send me a PayPal request

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click on the link in above post to buy

If you want to avoid spam-bots picking up the email address, delete it and send it as PM. On a public Forum that can be read without an account, be careful :wink:


Glad you finally put the cable into your store. That’s why I never followed through with my purchase.

purchase of what? But that does remind me that I need to explain that our Z axis cable only works with our Z axis motor, not the cheaper slower z motor that is sold by other kit providers. This is because our z axis motor uses the bigger connector found on the x/y motors.

if the orginal poster needs the cable for the old slow z axis I have 1 or 2 of those in stock.

I have the original Maslow Z axis motor, are you saying that your cable is not going to work with my ZXS motor

I have a few of the older cables I can send. For anyone else, please note that our z cable is different and better than the stock one and only works with our faster z motor.

Thank you, if this doesn’t work, I will purchase a new z axis from you

Could you please post an image of the cables?!

This are “the new” ones from MetalMaslow?! Thats the type i want. I need them longer than the older ones though.