Using F-Carve Code in Ground Control

I would really like to use F-Carve to generate some code. Ground control can read it’s code but will not make my cuts as the sled in real life is moving much faster than the sled on ground control. Is there some setting I need to change in ground control when using F-Carve.

Just to clarify… I am trying to use say a 90 degree v carve bit to cut stuff out but where the cut out is smaller than the bit size the bit needs to raise up to stay inside the lines indicated. I believe it is this Z movement during the x and y movement that is confusing ground control.

Any insight to how I can accomplish this would be very welcome.

Do you mean that if, for example, the sled moves 12 inches to the left, it doesn’t show it move 12 inches, but rather some smaller amount?

What version of GC/FW are you using? This should be working in version 1.25 for both straight line and arcs.

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I am currently using 1.23 because of all the problems 1.24 was giving me. I was terrified to upgrade to 1.25 until I saw it was stable from most everyone.

About the sled movement stuff… Say I am moving my sled 12" to the right, it will move to the right in just say 5 secs but in ground control it take like 1 minute to move that far so the sled is waiting on ground control to catch up… only when using code from F-Carve. Everything works just fine with Makercam but I can’t do elevation changes in Maker Cam that F-Carve does.

what version of firmware and ground control are you using?
can you post a sample g-code file so we can see what it’s doing?

David Lang

Can you explain that more? Real life and GC should be milliseconds apart.

Upgraded to 1.25 and everything is great. I am sorry I didn’t realize this was a feature that was being worked on. I am so excited… this is going to make projects cut so much faster.

edit: Well faster was a very relative term


Gero I was using 1.23 and apparently it was not compatible with moving all three axis at the same time like 1.25 is. I think I was giving my maslow a brain aneurysm.

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