gCode Failure - Please Help

I was trying to cut a project that starts with pockets. I used makercam.com to create the Gcode. While running the process the sled was supposed to travel to the right (as i followed the steps through on ground control ) but it veered to the left, all the way left, until it was hanging from the left motor, below the cross beam of the frame. The first time, i got it back to home by pressing the home button and started over. Same problem, except I could not get it to return home. the motors were making sounds but not moving. I hit stop and then home again. still no movement. I went into test motors and they all moved. I clicked on home again and it started to move and then stopped and I got a message that I needed to recalibrate.

I was taking some video as it happened and I noticed that proceeding the veering off to the left, in the Gcode areas it said:

Command G40 unsupported and ignored

This is my first experience with using Pockets in Makercam.com. I have only been cutting thing out.

Also the heat sinks are really hot, do I need to add a fan?

Thank you,

My initial thought would have been that somehow the motor leads got reversed, when I first set up my machine i did that and got some very unpredictable results. However, you said that you’ve already cut parts so that’s probably not the case. Might have something to do with G2/G3 arcs? It’s hard to diagnose without being able to see the program. Could you upload it so we can take a look?

G40 is for no tool compensation, so MakerCAM is handling the tool compensation as is writes the code. Ground Control should just ignore the G40 command. In the name of troubleshooting, you could try deleting G40 from the program header.

Also, your board would get pretty hot if it’s doing as you described. May not be necessary to add a fan as this is outside the normal operation of the machine, but it couldn’t hurt to add one. I have a 80mm computer case fan that I crimped to a 12v power supply that’s pointed right at my heat sinks, and they’ve always felt cool to the touch. I haven’t really pushed my machine yet, so that could be part of the reason why it’s running so cool.

This may help, on the wiki there is a list of the G-Codes supported by Ground Control
Supported G-Codes

If you want full list, this is the Wikipedia page on G-Codes (many of these are not supported by GC, this is only for reference):
Wikipedia G-Code List

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Which versions of GroundControl and Firmware are you using? There were some strange issues several releases ago which have been addressed and are thought to have been corrected.


Ground control v0.80.

MM - why would this be outside the normal operation, why would it be different than cutting a hole? (I am not trying to be a smart alec, I am genuinely curious)

As soon as I can figure out how to upload my program I will. Everything seems to go haywire at step 343.

Thank you for the help.

(Generated by PartKam Version 0.05)

G20 G90 G40

(pocket 1)
G0 Z0.25
T0 M6
G0 X11.1083 Y1.627
G1 Z-0.1 F30
G2 X11.101 Y1.6307 I0.0361 J0.0793 F55
G2 X11.0912 Y1.6373 I0.0434 J0.0756
G2 X11.0898 Y1.6387 I0.0042 J0.0055
G2 X11.0923 Y1.6336 I-0.014 J-0.0101
G2 X11.0927 Y1.6321 I-0.0335 J-0.01
G1 X11.0928 Y1.632
G2 X11.1083 Y1.627 I-0.0146 J-0.0711
G0 Z0.25
G0 X15.0414 Y-1.705
G1 Z-0.1 F30
G3 X15.7032 Y-1.4721 I-14.8464 J43.2375 F55
G3 X16.0457 Y-1.3457 I-8.3004 J23.0174
G3 X16.244 Y-1.2679 I-2.9137 J7.717
G3 X16.4366 Y-1.1838 I-1.6044 J3.9383
G3 X16.5215 Y-1.1376 I-0.3281 J0.7037
G2 X16.542 Y-1.1268 I0.0833 J-0.1326
G2 X16.6574 Y-1.0795 I1.0537 J-2.4093
G2 X16.7769 Y-1.0359 I1.52 J-3.9798
G2 X16.9092 Y-0.9919 I1.677 J-4.8175
G3 X17.0472 Y-0.9466 I-2.2793 J7.1736
G3 X17.1589 Y-0.9072 I-1.5911 J4.6918
G3 X17.2119 Y-0.8873 I-1.1263 J3.0774
G3 X17.2474 Y-0.8731 I-0.5075 J1.3157
G3 X17.2866 Y-0.8554 I-0.2907 J0.6968
G3 X17.3135 Y-0.8391 I-0.0754 J0.1553
G2 X17.3764 Y-0.8123 I0.525 J-1.1456
G2 X17.4472 Y-0.7858 I0.8382 J-2.1266
G2 X17.5315 Y-0.7571 I1.0515 J-2.9501
G3 X17.6233 Y-0.7254 I-0.83 J2.5563
G3 X17.7137 Y-0.6905 I-0.9168 J2.5107
G3 X17.8041 Y-0.651 I-0.7203 J1.7707
G3 X17.851 Y-0.6253 I-0.1802 J0.3849
G2 X17.8695 Y-0.6153 I0.0836 J-0.1322
G2 X17.9326 Y-0.5888 I0.4323 J-0.9432
G2 X17.9991 Y-0.5655 I0.4919 J-1.2922
G2 X18.0609 Y-0.5474 I0.3597 J-1.1122
G3 X18.1412 Y-0.5215 I-0.1993 J0.7562
G3 X18.212 Y-0.4892 I-0.2267 J0.592
G3 X18.2462 Y-0.4693 I-0.2311 J0.4349
G3 X18.2748 Y-0.4487 I-0.17 J0.2659
G3 X18.3068 Y-0.4174 I-0.1527 J0.1886
G3 X18.3186 Y-0.4018 I-0.1218 J0.1038
G2 X18.3357 Y-0.3985 I0.0327 J-0.1269
G2 X18.3957 Y-0.395 I0.06 J-0.5015
G3 X18.4688 Y-0.3924 I0 J1.0466
G3 X18.5626 Y-0.3834 I-0.1282 J1.8301
G3 X18.6559 Y-0.3695 I-0.2155 J1.768
G3 X18.7238 Y-0.3548 I-0.1547 J0.8789
G2 X18.7789 Y-0.3414 I0.577 J-2.24
G2 X18.8869 Y-0.3171 I1.9095 J-8.2461
G2 X18.9954 Y-0.2941 I2.2065 J-10.1292
G2 X19.0899 Y-0.2751 I1.5893 J-7.6911
G3 X19.1953 Y-0.2501 I-0.2448 J1.2629
G3 X19.3601 Y-0.199 I-0.9506 J3.3603
G3 X19.5218 Y-0.1406 I-1.2787 J3.7933
G3 X19.6547 Y-0.0853 I-0.9958 J2.5822
G2 X19.8264 Y-0.0146 I1.3031 J-2.9173
G2 X19.9093 Y0.0117 I0.2768 J-0.731
G2 X19.9869 Y0.0246 I0.1148 J-0.4483
G2 X20.0571 Y0.0239 I0.0308 J-0.3828
G3 X20.1393 Y0.0205 I0.0678 J0.6581
G3 X20.2423 Y0.0274 I-0.0249 J1.144
G3 X20.3443 Y0.0436 I-0.1268 J1.1281
G3 X20.4227 Y0.0651 I-0.1281 J0.6225
G2 X20.4698 Y0.0779 I0.1198 J-0.3485
G2 X20.5798 Y0.0959 I0.3055 J-1.5191
G2 X20.6925 Y0.1069 I0.2426 J-1.9071
G2 X20.7901 Y0.1102 I0.0984 J-1.4526
G3 X20.9041 Y0.1139 I-0.001 J1.764
G3 X21.0873 Y0.1294 I-0.3132 J4.7921
G3 X21.2694 Y0.1514 I-0.5654 J5.4404
G3 X21.4191 Y0.1752 I-0.5052 J3.6621
G2 X21.5968 Y0.1999 I0.3958 J-2.1989
G2 X21.9396 Y0.226 I0.7703 J-7.8548
G2 X22.2859 Y0.2406 I0.7713 J-14.2183
G2 X22.8981 Y0.2546 I1.3194 J-44.1816
G1 X24.0167 Y0.2725
G1 X24.1972 Y0.181
G2 X24.3446 Y0.0932 I-0.5686 J-1.122
G2 X24.4293 Y0.0217 I-0.3307 J-0.4778
G2 X24.4947 Y-0.062 I-0.3428 J-0.3352
G2 X24.5471 Y-0.1705 I-0.5041 J-0.3106
G3 X24.5799 Y-0.2414 I0.4355 J0.1582
G3 X24.6216 Y-0.2984 I0.2685 J0.1527
G3 X24.6816 Y-0.3483 I0.2207 J0.2041
G3 X24.7555 Y-0.3848 I0.2085 J0.3296
G3 X24.8274 Y-0.4055 I0.1787 J0.4861
G3 X24.928 Y-0.422 I0.232 J1.1009
G3 X25.0174 Y-0.4302 I0.2057 J1.7488
G3 X25.0771 Y-0.4338 I0.3223 J4.8668
G3 X25.163 Y-0.4376 I0.2626 J4.8704
G3 X25.2807 Y-0.4387 I0.0778 J2.1451
G3 X25.313 Y-0.4378 I-0.0399 J2.1461
G3 X25.4003 Y-0.4287 I-0.021 J0.6222
G3 X25.4952 Y-0.3995 I-0.0701 J0.3971
G3 X25.5732 Y-0.3486 I-0.1219 J0.2718
G2 X25.5867 Y-0.3372 I0.1754 J-0.1938
G2 X25.6283 Y-0.3508 I-0.0884 J-0.3415
G3 X25.6886 Y-0.3709 I0.2099 J0.5297
G3 X25.7904 Y-0.3955 I0.4845 J1.7808
G3 X25.8253 Y-0.4026 I0.4782 J2.256
G3 X25.8207 Y-0.4031 I0.1154 J-1.235
G3 X25.7839 Y-0.4075 I0.0747 J-0.7684
G3 X25.7562 Y-0.4128 I0.0475 J-0.3254
G3 X25.7381 Y-0.4178 I0.0538 J-0.229
G3 X25.7168 Y-0.4264 I0.0487 J-0.1516
G3 X25.6797 Y-0.4528 I0.0611 J-0.1251
G3 X25.6422 Y-0.5432 I0.09 J-0.0904
G3 X25.6545 Y-0.6023 I0.147 J0
G3 X25.6758 Y-0.6442 I0.3809 J0.1672
G3 X25.6978 Y-0.6793 I0.5495 J0.3195
G3 X25.7245 Y-0.7167 I0.6841 J0.4598
G2 X25.7284 Y-0.7235 I-0.0257 J-0.0194
G2 X25.744 Y-0.7688 I-0.3097 J-0.132
G2 X25.7543 Y-0.8191 I-0.4191 J-0.1116
G2 X25.7575 Y-0.8612 I-0.3133 J-0.0447
G3 X25.7618 Y-0.9329 I0.6887 J0.0058
G3 X25.7732 Y-0.9975 I0.5335 J0.0605
G3 X25.7825 Y-1.0303 I0.4032 J0.0966
G3 X25.794 Y-1.0594 I0.2546 J0.0836
G3 X25.8153 Y-1.0955 I0.1904 J0.0883
G3 X25.8231 Y-1.1053 I0.1195 J0.0879
G2 X25.8269 Y-1.1234 I-0.3102 J-0.074
G2 X25.8336 Y-1.1757 I-0.5341 J-0.0951
G2 X25.8364 Y-1.2456 I-0.8835 J-0.0699
G3 X25.8375 Y-1.3323 I3.3675 J0
G3 X25.8399 Y-1.3708 I0.5271 J0.0136
G3 X25.8523 Y-1.435 I0.351 J0.0348
G3 X25.8785 Y-1.4923 I0.2118 J0.0619
G3 X25.9202 Y-1.5402 I0.1847 J0.1187
G3 X25.9735 Y-1.5778 I0.2233 J0.2599
G3 X26.0075 Y-1.5956 I0.2516 J0.4405
G3 X26.0851 Y-1.6311 I1.3681 J2.8822
G2 X26.1784 Y-1.6794 I-0.3494 J-0.7898
G2 X26.2245 Y-1.713 I-0.1594 J-0.2671
G2 X26.2469 Y-1.738 I-0.0938 J-0.1066
G2 X26.2427 Y-1.7433 I-0.0352 J0.0231
G2 X26.2146 Y-1.7673 I-0.1104 J0.1012
G2 X26.1384 Y-1.8091 I-0.3031 J0.4614
G3 X26 Y-1.8877 I0.3526 J-0.782
G3 X25.913 Y-1.9711 I0.2237 J-0.3204
G3 X25.8776 Y-2.0279 I0.2816 J-0.2149
G3 X25.8532 Y-2.0909 I0.3282 J-0.1636
G3 X25.8407 Y-2.1524 I0.3894 J-0.1111
G3 X25.8364 Y-2.2224 I0.5669 J-0.07
G2 X25.8337 Y-2.2342 I-0.0271 J0
G2 X25.792 Y-2.2962 I-0.2412 J0.117
G2 X25.7301 Y-2.3509 I-0.2641 J0.237
G2 X25.6718 Y-2.3807 I-0.141 J0.2035
G3 X25.6277 Y-2.4008 I0.0958 J-0.2697
G3 X25.5867 Y-2.432 I0.0898 J-0.1602
G3 X25.5511 Y-2.4838 I0.1274 J-0.1256
G3 X25.5341 Y-2.5393 I0.2064 J-0.0935
G3 X25.5299 Y-2.5843 I0.3013 J-0.0513
G3 X25.5297 Y-2.6 I0.7606 J-0.0157
G3 X25.531 Y-2.6441 I0.7608 J0
G3 X25.5346 Y-2.6915 I1.3013 J0.0757
G3 X25.5439 Y-2.7805 I4.9787 J0.472
G3 X25.5609 Y-2.89 I1.3177 J0.1488
G3 X25.6043 Y-3.0869 I4.6313 J0.9195
G3 X25.6551 Y-3.281 I5.7437 J1.3976
G3 X25.7072 Y-3.4547 I4.625 J1.2931
G2 X25.8188 Y-3.8427 I-6.3576 J-2.0391
G2 X25.8941 Y-4.1867 I-4.9499 J-1.2634
G2 X25.9445 Y-4.5345 I-4.675 J-0.8553
G2 X25.969 Y-4.8837 I-4.6925 J-0.504
G3 X25.9891 Y-5.2638 I9.479 J0.311
G3 X26.0283 Y-5.6963 I12.3533 J0.9026
G3 X26.0518 Y-5.8931 I9.1349 J0.9904
G3 X26.0715 Y-6.0274 I4.1991 J0.5472
G3 X26.0837 Y-6.0968 I2.6818 J0.4372
G3 X26.0938 Y-6.1445 I1.1966 J0.2271
G3 X26.1082 Y-6.1974 I0.7037 J0.163
G3 X26.1244 Y-6.2359 I0.2126 J0.0666
G2 X26.125 Y-6.2376 I-0.0066 J-0.0035
G2 X26.1374 Y-6.3005 I-0.6026 J-0.1513
G2 X26.1447 Y-6.3685 I-0.9398 J-0.1352
G2 X26.1472 Y-6.4382 I-0.9821 J-0.0697
G3 X26.1539 Y-6.5469 I0.8849 J0
G3 X26.1739 Y-6.6545 I0.8878 J0.1099
G3 X26.2069 Y-6.7587 I0.8728 J0.2187
G3 X26.2524 Y-6.8587 I0.8494 J0.3266
G2 X26.2803 Y-6.9187 I-0.5455 J-0.2895
G2 X26.3148 Y-7.0153 I-1.2545 J-0.5022
G2 X26.3419 Y-7.1144 I-1.296 J-0.4077
G2 X26.3537 Y-7.1806 I-0.6223 J-0.1452
G3 X26.371 Y-7.2661 I0.5691 J0.0708
G3 X26.4162 Y-7.4053 I1.8622 J0.5273
G3 X26.465 Y-7.5293 I2.6734 J0.9808
G3 X26.5279 Y-7.6709 I3.591 J1.5116
G3 X26.5967 Y-7.81 I3.3818 J1.5847
G3 X26.656 Y-7.917 I2.0143 J1.048
G3 X26.69 Y-7.972 I1.3862 J0.819
G3 X26.718 Y-8.0127 I0.7363 J0.4759
G3 X26.7534 Y-8.0567 I0.4827 J0.3521
G3 X26.7868 Y-8.0883 I0.1945 J0.1722
G3 X26.8538 Y-8.1303 I0.2246 J0.284
G3 X26.9784 Y-8.1836 I0.6455 J1.3362
G3 X27.1072 Y-8.2254 I0.5288 J1.4104
G3 X27.1862 Y-8.2386 I0.104 J0.3775
G3 X27.2616 Y-8.2258 I0.0106 J0.1657
G3 X27.3289 Y-8.1909 I-0.192 J0.4527
G3 X27.386 Y-8.1516 I-0.3914 J0.6305
G3 X27.4447 Y-8.1032 I-0.5627 J0.7418
G3 X27.5062 Y-8.0382 I-0.3605 J0.4023
G3 X27.5648 Y-7.954 I-0.6051 J0.4836
G3 X27.6117 Y-7.8628 I-0.6637 J0.3995
G3 X27.6404 Y-7.778 I-0.4957 J0.215
G3 X27.6532 Y-7.7068 I-0.5302 J0.1317
G3 X27.6686 Y-7.5342 I-3.9171 J0.4367
G3 X27.6777 Y-7.372 I-7.5578 J0.5073
G3 X27.6876 Y-7.1177 I-18.7681 J0.8562
G3 X27.6994 Y-6.6244 I-30.12 J0.9654
G3 X27.7066 Y-5.9095 I-63.3752 J0.9928
G3 X27.7073 Y-5.5872 I-73.4869 J0.3222
G3 X27.7062 Y-5.1947 I-73.4877 J0
G3 X27.6991 Y-4.5096 I-67.5111 J-0.3606
G3 X27.6826 Y-3.7747 I-53.3969 J-0.8272
G3 X27.6635 Y-3.2934 I-22.8579 J-0.6689
G3 X27.6371 Y-2.7883 I-135.713 J-6.8356
G3 X27.6138 Y-2.3745 I-91.0249 J-4.9245
G3 X27.602 Y-2.1791 I-60.1719 J-3.5297
G3 X27.5938 Y-2.0524 I-25.2103 J-1.561
G3 X27.5843 Y-1.9207 I-12.709 J-0.8511
G3 X27.5803 Y-1.879 I-1.1486 J-0.0889
G2 X27.5757 Y-1.8071 I0.7337 J0.0837
G2 X27.5756 Y-1.7996 I0.4731 J0.0076
G2 X27.578 Y-1.7517 I0.4732 J0
G2 X27.5869 Y-1.7041 I0.2895 J-0.0294
G2 X27.5884 Y-1.7006 I0.0125 J-0.0034
G3 X27.6229 Y-1.6246 I-0.2682 J0.1675
G3 X27.6352 Y-1.5432 I-0.2742 J0.0828
G3 X27.6352 Y-1.5413 I-0.3665 J0.0019
G3 X27.6285 Y-1.4717 I-0.3665 J0
G3 X27.6033 Y-1.3693 I-1.0366 J-0.2006
G2 X27.5894 Y-1.315 I0.6709 J0.2011
G2 X27.5744 Y-1.2333 I1.3894 J0.2978
G2 X27.5642 Y-1.1511 I1.3656 J0.2101
G2 X27.5617 Y-1.1 I0.5844 J0.0543
G3 X27.5555 Y-1.0201 I-0.5511 J-0.0031
G3 X27.5303 Y-0.8867 I-1.8927 J-0.2881
G3 X27.4972 Y-0.7568 I-2.4004 J-0.5418
G3 X27.4594 Y-0.6368 I-2.0739 J-0.5884
G3 X27.4234 Y-0.5392 I-2.7046 J-0.941
G3 X27.3963 Y-0.4751 I-1.1216 J-0.4365
G3 X27.3593 Y-0.4025 I-0.8715 J-0.3986
G3 X27.3187 Y-0.338 I-0.7102 J-0.4011
G3 X27.2732 Y-0.2781 I-0.7276 J-0.5058
G3 X27.2119 Y-0.2088 I-1.098 J-0.9107
G3 X27.1564 Y-0.1524 I-1.4782 J-1.3975
G3 X27.0621 Y-0.0621 I-4.0327 J-4.1211
G2 X26.9338 Y0.0603 I6.0168 J6.4338
G2 X26.88 Y0.115 I1.2157 J1.2486
G2 X26.8202 Y0.1847 I0.7265 J0.6832
G2 X26.7909 Y0.2281 I0.3015 J0.2353
G2 X26.7696 Y0.2726 I0.2683 J0.1556
G2 X26.7514 Y0.3323 I0.4214 J0.1616
G2 X26.7412 Y0.3853 I0.6802 J0.1578
G2 X26.7248 Y0.509 I3.2496 J0.4932
G2 X26.7164 Y0.5948 I2.9073 J0.3289
G2 X26.7143 Y0.6334 I0.6652 J0.0555
G2 X26.7142 Y0.6439 I0.4149 J0.0105
G2 X26.7155 Y0.6765 I0.4151 J0
G2 X26.7197 Y0.7058 I0.2315 J-0.0182
G2 X26.7277 Y0.7352 I0.2455 J-0.0513
G2 X26.7458 Y0.7816 I0.5212 J-0.1771
G2 X26.7647 Y0.8214 I0.8423 J-0.3744
G2 X26.8097 Y0.9083 I3.6913 J-1.8566
G2 X26.8607 Y0.9979 I1.6537 J-0.8814
G2 X26.9336 Y1.1126 I2.7113 J-1.6427
G2 X27.0112 Y1.2235 I2.4119 J-1.6065
G2 X27.0611 Y1.2863 I0.876 J-0.6445
G1 X27.2023 Y1.4512
G3 X27.2323 Y1.5289 I-0.095 J0.0813
G1 X27.2459 Y2.0012
G3 X27.2493 Y2.1538 I-12.9638 J0.3721
G3 X27.25 Y2.2353 I-4.8146 J0.0815
G3 X27.25 Y2.2475 I-4.8153 J0
G3 X27.248 Y2.3509 I-3.1053 J-0.0079
G3 X27.2437 Y2.4216 I-1.379 J-0.0495
G3 X27.2206 Y2.5551 I-0.8027 J-0.0702
G3 X27.1795 Y2.6622 I-0.5012 J-0.1309
G1 X27.1135 Y2.7898
G3 X26.9951 Y2.8571 I-0.111 J-0.0574
G1 X26.5425 Y2.8303
G2 X26.358 Y2.8211 I-0.6141 J10.3659
G2 X25.8437 Y2.8014 I-3.2988 J79.6759
G2 X25.3289 Y2.7845 I-4.1741 J119.4711
G2 X24.7927 Y2.7692 I-3.971 J129.6605
G3 X24.2546 Y2.7521 I1.3127 J-49.5607
G3 X23.8243 Y2.7331 I1.1833 J-31.6749
G3 X23.6208 Y2.7217 I1.044 J-20.4807
G3 X23.4915 Y2.7128 I0.5006 J-8.2141
G3 X23.4253 Y2.7073 I0.391 J-5.0922
G3 X23.3817 Y2.7029 I0.1928 J-2.1451
G3 X23.3349 Y2.6968 I0.1338 J-1.2119
G3 X23.3065 Y2.6911 I0.0431 J-0.2877
G2 X23.2864 Y2.687 I-0.0512 J0.2019
G2 X23.2095 Y2.677 I-0.2953 J1.9585
G2 X23.1328 Y2.6693 I-0.3951 J3.5624
G2 X23.02 Y2.6601 I-0.675 J7.566
G2 X22.7797 Y2.6449 I-0.7988 J10.7632
G2 X22.506 Y2.6335 I-0.7206 J13.9088
G3 X22.2284 Y2.6231 I0.8425 J-26.2422
G3 X21.9026 Y2.6077 I1.5466 J-36.2214
G3 X21.5768 Y2.5891 I1.5736 J-30.4273
G3 X21.3947 Y2.576 I0.5888 J-9.4262
G3 X21.2324 Y2.5599 I0.3996 J-4.8799
G3 X20.9293 Y2.5222 I2.0065 J-17.3662
G3 X20.6475 Y2.4831 I3.35 J-25.1349
G3 X20.3196 Y2.434 I4.937 J-34.1144
G3 X19.9922 Y2.3817 I5.0965 J-32.9762
G3 X19.731 Y2.337 I3.4576 J-20.9881
G3 X19.4511 Y2.2842 I2.3135 J-13.0289
G3 X19.3269 Y2.2561 I0.498 J-2.4919
G2 X19.0084 Y2.1777 I-6.7388 J26.6824
G2 X18.8839 Y2.1498 I-0.9966 J4.1539
G2 X18.7012 Y2.1171 I-0.6677 J3.2018
G2 X18.526 Y2.0961 I-0.4401 J2.9351
G2 X18.3482 Y2.0843 I-0.35 J3.9048
G2 X18.0438 Y2.075 I-0.4918 J11.1925
G2 X17.8353 Y2.0726 I-0.3259 J19.4751
G2 X17.2401 Y2.0702 I-0.9516 J157.8329
G3 X16.6385 Y2.0678 I0.3976 J-176.1818
G3 X16.4393 Y2.0656 I0.109 J-19.2189
G3 X16.1327 Y2.0565 I0.1779 J-11.092
G3 X15.9527 Y2.0443 I0.1639 J-3.748
G3 X15.7713 Y2.0215 I0.255 J-2.7704
G3 X15.5902 Y1.9867 I0.4445 J-2.7988
G3 X15.4715 Y1.9577 I0.7798 J-3.445
G3 X15.1775 Y1.8782 I5.7626 J-21.9107
G2 X15.1709 Y1.8764 I-432.7938 J1560.0008
G2 X15.1675 Y1.8755 I-109.8013 J395.784
G2 X15.0542 Y1.8478 I-0.4953 J1.7855
G2 X14.9071 Y1.8207 I-0.6122 J2.9059
G2 X14.7597 Y1.8015 I-0.4151 J2.6175
G2 X14.6753 Y1.7968 I-0.0937 J0.9235
G3 X14.5712 Y1.7924 I0.0162 J-1.6143
G3 X14.4175 Y1.7777 I0.2771 J-3.71
G3 X14.2649 Y1.7569 I0.4623 J-3.9653
G3 X14.1461 Y1.7353 I0.3697 J-2.3712
G2 X14.0905 Y1.7262 I-0.1367 J0.6574
G2 X13.9285 Y1.7092 I-0.5877 J4.828
G2 X13.775 Y1.6971 I-0.7722 J8.7902
G2 X13.5436 Y1.6822 I-1.3918 J19.8008
G2 X13.0971 Y1.6594 I-1.7561 J29.9895
G2 X12.5235 Y1.6377 I-2.1559 J49.4036
G2 X11.9497 Y1.6228 I-1.5141 J47.2953
G2 X11.547 Y1.6183 I-0.4642 J23.3566
G2 X11.3385 Y1.6193 I-0.0364 J13.8303
G2 X11.2176 Y1.6223 I0.0588 J4.7262
G2 X11.1556 Y1.6254 I0.1032 J2.7123
G2 X11.1216 Y1.6281 I0.0553 J0.9069
G2 X11.376 Y1.7083 I0.7346 J-1.8878
G2 X11.8113 Y1.7954 I1.2569 J-5.15
G2 X12.2562 Y1.8521 I1.2047 J-7.68
G2 X12.867 Y1.8989 I1.4074 J-14.3302
G3 X13.1611 Y1.9177 I-0.9783 J17.6558
G3 X13.4261 Y1.9393 I-1.0331 J14.3186
G3 X13.5514 Y1.9514 I-0.9381 J10.3332
G3 X13.6407 Y1.9614 I-0.5356 J5.1978
G3 X13.7345 Y1.9742 I-0.3713 J3.0825
G3 X13.7811 Y1.983 I-0.0983 J0.6488
G2 X13.8527 Y1.9977 I0.4005 J-1.7695
G2 X13.9633 Y2.0165 I0.7457 J-4.0454
G2 X14.0745 Y2.0324 I0.6564 J-4.2004
G2 X14.1539 Y2.0412 I0.2837 J-2.1935
G3 X14.245 Y2.0524 I-0.1422 J1.5339
G3 X14.3154 Y2.0661 I-0.1328 J0.8664
G3 X14.3512 Y2.0759 I-0.1324 J0.5559
G3 X14.3801 Y2.0866 I-0.0813 J0.2641
G3 X14.4227 Y2.1124 I-0.074 J0.1701
G3 X14.4242 Y2.1136 I-0.0823 J0.1018
G2 X14.4529 Y2.1198 I0.1621 J-0.6797
G2 X14.5286 Y2.1322 I0.2443 J-1.2567
G2 X14.639 Y2.1445 I0.3381 J-2.5451
G3 X14.7624 Y2.1562 I-0.9284 J10.4301
G3 X14.8274 Y2.1635 I-0.2826 J2.7996
G3 X14.9146 Y2.1759 I-0.3153 J2.5328
G3 X15.0138 Y2.1932 I-0.5318 J3.3298
G3 X15.1113 Y2.2128 I-0.9236 J4.849
G3 X15.2795 Y2.2494 I-3.1122 J14.7195
G3 X15.4041 Y2.2776 I-5.8861 J26.3457
G3 X15.7146 Y2.3488 I-37.491 J164.1517
G2 X16.1068 Y2.4257 I1.3743 J-5.9655
G2 X16.6571 Y2.5019 I1.8802 J-11.567
G2 X16.9089 Y2.5274 I1.1324 J-9.9147
G2 X17.1009 Y2.5412 I0.514 J-5.8025
G2 X17.301 Y2.5467 I0.1976 J-3.5695
G2 X17.3804 Y2.5417 I-0.0004 J-0.6502
G3 X17.5485 Y2.5243 I0.5318 J4.2983
G3 X17.7884 Y2.5073 I0.7484 J8.8802
G3 X18.0132 Y2.4968 I0.6215 J10.8761
G3 X18.2453 Y2.4907 I0.423 J11.605
G3 X18.4778 Y2.4895 I0.1664 J10.1245
G3 X18.6458 Y2.4933 I-0.0341 J5.2219
G3 X18.733 Y2.4978 I-0.1342 J3.4654
G3 X18.7941 Y2.5028 I-0.105 J1.641
G3 X18.8613 Y2.512 I-0.1014 J0.9988
G3 X18.9054 Y2.5229 I-0.0509 J0.2989
G2 X18.9537 Y2.5366 I0.1854 J-0.5618
G2 X19.0958 Y2.5679 I0.9777 J-4.1046
G2 X19.2401 Y2.5952 I1.2022 J-5.9502
G2 X19.3853 Y2.6191 I1.0619 J-6.0003
G3 X19.8245 Y2.6887 I-5.4747 J35.9774
G3 X20.1206 Y2.7402 I-2.6899 J16.3326
G3 X20.2665 Y2.768 I-1.981 J10.8014
G3 X20.3686 Y2.7892 I-1.0346 J5.2405
G3 X20.4725 Y2.8136 I-0.7144 J3.2803
G3 X20.531 Y2.8302 I-0.2402 J0.9559
G2 X20.5683 Y2.8395 I0.0898 J-0.2825
G2 X20.6596 Y2.8526 I0.2321 J-1.2904
G2 X20.7532 Y2.86 I0.1754 J-1.6229
G2 X20.8339 Y2.8614 I0.0617 J-1.2315
G3 X20.9316 Y2.8633 I0.0212 J1.3763
G3 X21.0265 Y2.8721 I-0.0723 J1.2985
G3 X21.1238 Y2.8901 I-0.1191 J0.9185
G3 X21.1869 Y2.9143 I-0.0604 J0.2512
G2 X21.2105 Y2.9239 I0.0544 J-0.1
G2 X21.3498 Y2.9573 I0.4965 J-1.7656
G2 X21.4873 Y2.9817 I0.6693 J-3.3705
G2 X21.682 Y3.0093 I1.0357 J-6.6123
G2 X22.1174 Y3.0527 I1.0332 J-8.1573
G2 X22.4262 Y3.0637 I0.3026 J-4.1511
G3 X22.596 Y3.0646 I0.02 J12.8288
G3 X22.8085 Y3.0682 I-0.2356 J20.1814
G3 X23.0209 Y3.0741 I-0.402 J18.1005
G3 X23.1517 Y3.0798 I-0.2303 J6.7808
G3 X23.2722 Y3.0902 I-0.0995 J1.8676
G3 X23.4589 Y3.1161 I-0.5572 J4.7021
G3 X23.6319 Y3.1461 I-0.9825 J6.1765
G3 X23.8209 Y3.1841 I-1.3993 J7.4434
G3 X24.0091 Y3.2272 I-1.477 J6.8862
G3 X24.1549 Y3.2654 I-1.0031 J4.1222
G3 X24.311 Y3.3147 I-0.7012 J2.4927
G3 X24.3872 Y3.3482 I-0.1792 J0.5107
G2 X24.4137 Y3.3611 I0.1832 J-0.3423
G2 X24.4811 Y3.3893 I0.7736 J-1.7541
G2 X24.5504 Y3.4156 I0.9111 J-2.2995
G2 X24.6134 Y3.4372 I0.6861 J-1.8955
G3 X24.6816 Y3.4598 I-2.3842 J7.3349
G3 X24.8669 Y3.5223 I-18.4211 J54.9248
G3 X25.0519 Y3.5852 I-27.8678 J82.1701
G3 X25.2446 Y3.6513 I-30.4507 J89.1255
G2 X25.5113 Y3.7364 I2.0305 J-5.9012
G2 X25.6875 Y3.7819 I0.7642 J-2.5939
G2 X25.8656 Y3.8148 I0.5339 J-2.3966
G2 X26.101 Y3.8424 I0.5971 J-4.0769

obviously not the whole thing. if there is a way to upload the file please let me know.

You certainly need to update to the current versions :wink:. It’s at version 0.92, much has changed and improved!

Pocket operations are within the realm of normal operation. I was saying that the problem you’re experiencing, where the sled is moving to the upper leftmost portion of the bed, is a little extreme for it’s normal use. All the force needed to pull the sled to that position is what is heating up the motor shield.

There is an icon at the top of the reply box:


I would update Ground Control and the Maslow’s firmware to the most recent versions first, as @blurfl suggested. If you’re still having trouble I can test out the program on my machine tonight and see what I can come up with :wink:

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DrPod.nc (1.3 MB)

Thank you.

And to clarify, it was hanging at the bottom.

I have downloaded the latest groundcontrol, and firmware. I will, if I get a chance today, update the firmware, and see what happens.

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:point_up_2:This will hopefully solve the initial problem as there has been some “bugs”.

Checking the gcode with a number of online viewers (a few refused to render 36390 lines correct), it looks as if it is cutable. However, first, as a general workflow I would suggest to clean up the image before creating the gcode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UURMxR8r0to
The thousands of tiny arcs creating a simple line not only stress the cam software but also the processor running the cut.
Not sure if the motorshield is affected by all this little moves.
Second, if you look at your file with https://nraynaud.github.io/webgcode/ you can see all the rapid travels in red, going all over the place.

A lot of time wasted with the sled moving without cutting.
Makercam does not seem to have the option to reduce the amounts of rapid moves, but in bCNC for example, you can drag parts of your gcode around to optimize the travels.
Not sure why you have chosen ‘pocket’ rather then ‘follow path’.